Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good evening peeps! I hope you all had a great day!

My day stared out right with a family brunch at Smitty's.

I had coffee and OJ:

And then the eggs, bacon, and sausage from this plate ... and only 1/2 a pancake because they were hard and bland:

I spent the afternoon trying to work on my thesis - but it was painful, and I just wasn't feeling it. I figured out how to write my stats into my results section, and then wrote a couple of pages. I will do more tomorrow and Tuesday, and then hopefully I will be able to send a draft off.

I have no problem writing once I get into it, but I just was NOT into it today.

For dinner we went to hubby's parents home and had jambalaya:

I had a glass of crystal light with it:

My FIL wanted me to take a picture of the lovely cake he bought :-)

I am not a big cake person, but I tried 1 bite. I really liked the thick layer of chocolate ganache on top. Chocolate and me love each other.

We brought a special friend with us for dinner today! Our little nephew! He will be 3 in "Feburosy" as he told us tonight:

He had fun looking at flyers with uncle Chris and showing us what he wants for Christmas:

Every day that I spend with this little guy is the best day ever!!!!!!

Here is my to-do list for the week:

Monday - Work, write thesis
Tuesday - Work, finish 1st draft of thesis
Wednesday - Work, bake cookies, Christmas shop
Thursday - Work, shop with my dad for house stuff
Friday - Set up Christmas tree!!!
Saturday - 1st Christmas party of the season!!!!

So if I can make it past Tuesday, I am going to be one happy girl!

Do you make to-do lists?
I make all kinds of lists. I am a total list writing nerd.


Unknown said...

Your little nephew is sooo cute!
I try to do to-do lists and I usually do it, maybe not at the original time (procrastination is my middle name! haha)

Have an amazing Monday!!!! And feel free to come over and get some pasta if you want it!! There is lots leftover!!

Devan said...

awee:D Your nephew is so so cute!!
I cannot wait to be an auntie!

I love your lists! sounds like you have a busy week :) but tons of fun!! I love putting up christmas trees ! and decorating!

Simply Life said...

Oh that jambalaya looks great!

Anonymous said...

Geez. I do NOT miss school reading your post. ;) How can you be a foodie and not like cake! Tsk Tsk

Anonymous said...

Brunches are always so much fun. Your nephew is adorable! I like making to-do lists and crossing off the stuff as it gets done. It's so satisfying. lol

Yelena said...

I make lists, but I don't do so well at following them! I love spending time with nephews- they are the sweetest!

Good luck with all your tasks these weeks!

Anonymous said...

Even when I make lists I forget about them. I can even take a shopping list with me when grocery shopping and miss something off the list.


Low said...

Your nephew is so cute! Love it!

I am obsessed with lists. They make me happy.

Good luck with your draft!

Jocelyn said...

aww your nephew is tres cute <3 Hope you accomplish everything on your to do list :) I usually never make them. I used to...but it kinda became addictive and I'd get really anxious over it lol.