Friday, November 6, 2009

Afghan Cuisine

Happy Friday Everyone!

So, my meltdown is over. It really does help to give things a day, and then you can see them in perspective.

Since we had no where to put the couch, we put it upstairs in our living room and covered it so that we could sell it, and then moved the ones we had upstairs down.
I did NOT want to keep the sectional upstairs, and I was so stressed that it wouldn't sell.
I posted it last night on kijiji and within hours had 3 people VERY interested!
Today someone told me that they wanted to buy it, and if it wasn't sold on Tuesday they would come for it.

Well ... as I walked by the couch throughout the day ... I kinda started liking it upstairs. It kind of grew on me. And tonight, the hubby and I made the decision to take down the ad, and keep the couch upstairs. Funny how things can change overnight - because last night I was crying because I HATED the sectional upstairs, and now I kinda love it. Weird.

Still upset a bit about the piano and the $500 ... but life goes on.

Breakfast today was a first for me. I tried "Oat Bran." I put almond butter on it. It was nasty:

I won't be having oat bran again - I will just stick to regular oats!

Mid morning I had about 1/4 of a cinnamon bun. And for lunch I had a Thai quesadilla and about 1/2 cup of Caesar salad from Houston Pizza (sorry - no pics).

For dinner today the hubby and I went to one of our favourite restaurants in town, called Afghan Cuisine. I had the meatballs with rice. The rice has raisins, wonderful spices, shredded carrot, and pine nuts in it. Divine!

Tomorrow I have to go to work for a workshop all day (blah) ... but then the hubby and I are going over to our friends Alaina and Jeff's house for a Cheese Party! (yeah). Jealous? C'mon, admit it. I would be. But I am going. So I'm not. But you are. Right? ;-)

What are you doing this weekend?


Simply Life said...

Oh glad to hear things worked out okay with the couch! Oooh a cheese party sounds so fun! We'll be having friends over for dinner tonight!

Joy of Food said...

The thai quesadilla sounds lovely.
I don't have any weekend plans, just meeting up with my boyfriend Saturday night and going to watch him play football on Sunday (in the freezing cold) Oh what we do for love :)


Anonymous said...

I dont have any big weekend plans but I am finally done with law school apps, so I am just enjoying relaxing! I have a few meals planned with friends and just some lazy time...
The cheese part sounds awesome. I love anything focused on cheese!

Low said...

Glad you got the couch situation figured out. Sorry you didn't like the oat bran, I've never tried it before.