Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meat and Potatoes

I had a fantastic day today!!! No - nothing extraordinary happened. And yes - I had to work.
I just had one of those days today where I realized why I became a teacher.

Nothing particularly special happened, but I just absolutely LOVE my class, and am so happy that I get to spend the day with 25 wonderful, young people everyday. Yes, they actually are ALL wonderful - believe it or not :-) And my co-workers are the bomb. I feel lucky that I get to work at such an awesome place each day, with such awesome people.

I do have bad days at work ... but it is days like today that make up for all the bad ones.
For those who don't know, I teach grade 7/8 in addition to going to university for my honours in psychology (which I probably talk way more about).

Today at lunch I had to coach a volleyball game, and I gobbled down 2 1/2 little pieces of pizza (veggie) while I did that. I then had to ref a game in the afternoon, and coach another after school. I am glad v-ball season is over!

Dinner tonight was half ready when I got home! This morning I threw a ham in my slow cooker on low with a bunch of apple juice, a cinnamon stick, 4 cloves, and 1/2 cup brown sugar. It was ridiculously tender when I took it out.

I made some applesauce to top it with, and also some roasted potatoes for the side. The potatoes have some EVOO, garlic spice mix, and some Irish Stout Cheddar on them:

After dinner I was craving something sweet, so I had a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie that my mother in law made:

It was so soft and chewy. Yumm!

And then, because I just couldn't resist ...

Yeah. I did it. I had another one. I am wild like that.

This Green Monster contained an OBSCENE amount of raw organic spinach (like so much I had to pack it into the blender), 1 cup almond breeze, and 1 banana.

I had to use up the spinach because it expires tomorrow. This was the most spinach that I have EVER packed into a GM, and I STILL couldn't taste it! Brilliant. Angela is a genius.

So today feels like Monday, and tomorrow is totally Friday. I love it.

Since tomorrow is Friday the 13th, tell me ... are you superstitious?


Anonymous said...

that is so sweet about your class! and awesome about psych..what classes are you taking/have you taken?

Devan said...

home made cookies are the best :D

I love all your green monsters! they look so great!

i am not too superstisous.. or try not to be :P

Simply Life said...

Oh that's so great to hear you had a good day! I'm not superstitious at all and actually forgot it was Friday the 13th!

Anonymous said...

I'm not superstitious either and didn't realise the date either. I don't fear walking under ladders or stepping on cracks in the pavement either.


Anonymous said...

Dinner looks awesome. I am impressed that you made the applesauce!
I think if you are going to have a lot of anything, Green Monsters are probably the best thing to go crazy with!

Anonymous said...

YAY for good days!! I was born on the 13th of December, so I actually love Friday the 13th!

Anonymous said...

mmmm i love meat from the slow cooker! soooo good! have you ever read the crockpot lady's blog? so many ideas for things to make there!

Alaina said...

Please please tell me you have leftover ham that you are bringing to share in Weyburn! It looks AMAZING! Love ham...

Did you know that you can get ridiculous discounts when you fly on Friday the 13th? Crazy, hey?

Unknown said...

There aren't that many teachers out there that love their kids.. yay for you!! I've worked with kids for years and have always loved them to pieces!! We have so much to learn from them!! yay youths!!!!!!!!!! haha.. your positive energy today is contagious!!! :) Have a great day!

Low said...

I'm only superstitious about football. That green monster is SOOO green, looks amazing!

Glad you had a good day!

Anonymous said...

Loving your title - so appropriate - :), ooh and your oatmeal cookie looks amazing!


Anais said...

Ha! I hadn't realized it was Friday the 13th :)It went well for me, got a lot of work done ;)

Anonymous said...

Your meal looks DELICIOUS. Even the leftovers the next day look good!