Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello blog faces!! Sorry I didn't post yesterday - I wasn't at home all day/ evening/ night.

Recap from Yesterday, Friday the 13th:

I woke up and made a lovely breakfast - pumpkin pie French toast:

I toasted 2 slices of bread, and then dipped them into a mixture of 2 eggs, 1 T unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 3 drops of this vanilla Stevia that Ron from NuNaturals sent me to try:

And a sprinkle of this:

I then grilled the French toast until perfectly cooked and crispy! Mmmm! The vanilla Stevia added a lovely vanilla taste and smell to the French toast, with a tiny bit of sweetness. Perfect.

Lunch was leftover ham and potatoes:

I dipped the ham in my homemade apple sauce:

I also had one of these:

And one of these:

After work I went out for a drink, and had 1 Caesar. Then the hubby and I packed the car and drove to a small town about an hour from our city. 8 of us drove out to the small town where our friend Heather lives, so that we could hang out at her place for once, instead of her always having to come to the city every weekend. On the way there I ate this:

When we got to Heather's there was cheese all over the counter (leftovers from the cheese party). I attacked this lovely guy:

I also had some crackers with goat cheese on them, and a few other tiny pieces of cheese.

For dinner we went to the local pub/ bar. The hubby and I shared this small basket of battered mushrooms. In case you didn't know ... battered mushrooms are totally a health food. They are. Don't argue.

I ordered the chicken wrap and sweet potato fries:

And I had 4 of these over the course of the evening:

The 9 of us had a great sleepover, all sprawled out across Heather's living room and kitchen floor :-) It was fun!

This morning we got up and went for breakfast before heading home. I had a mushroom and swiss omelette and 3 pieces of bacon. I did NOT eat the toast, and I ate about 3/4 of the omelette, and 1/2 the hash browns:

On the way home we picked up shakes. I had 1/2 of this small vanilla shake:

Being away from the computer for a day is really hard for me! I had SO much to catch up on today. I don't know what I am going to do when I am gone to the Dominican for a week this winter!

Tonight I am thinking of avoiding homework by going to a movie.

Have you seen any good movies lately? What do you recommend?


Anonymous said...

Battered mushrooms are 100% health food, especially if dipped in a delicious creamy sauce. Vegetables, calcium. . .

kalin (eating machine) said...

mushrooms are totally good for you! i'm sure the batter just makes them even more healthy.

i saw where the wild things are last weekend... it wasn't bad, but i didn't adore it...

Anonymous said...

that french toast look soooo good!! + DQ milkshakes are awesome.. and i havent seen any good movies out lately!! the last one i saw was The Stepfather and Couples Retreat .. couples retreat was def funny and cute..i really want to see the christmas carol movie! haha

Yelena said...

Looks like you had such a fun and delicious time! I am totally attached to my technology, so I feel the withdrawl with you!

I can't remember the last movie I that tells you it probably wasn't very good! I do want to see 2012 and Precious.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Anais said...

Ha! That's exactly what I did!! (avoiding homework by seeing a movie). I saw The Men Who Stare At Goats, it was quite funny :)

Simply Life said...

Oh I've never had mushrooms like that but they sound great! Looks like you're having a fun weekend!

Joy of Food said...

Battered mushrooms sound wonderful, don't care what's in them :)


Nicci said...

french toast looks great. Oh, I had a chicken wrap last night as well, at sports bar. One beer also. I forgot what beer tasted like..been awhile. lol

Low said...

That homemade apple sauce looks great!! A sleepover sounds like a blast :)

Anonymous said...

i wish I had a DQ near me :[
mm i sure do love your idea of pumpkin pie french toast!! genius :)

Dinners & Dreams said...

I love French toast and pumpking spice very much. If they're combined, it's even better.

Anonymous said...

ahhh! DQ is my kryptonite!