Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st Already!!!

My little nephew came by last night to trick or treat :-) He was dressed as Venom! So cute! He will be 3 in February, and he is SUCH a little boy. Apparently he was flexing his big muscles in the mirror at home!! I love this little guy SO SO much!

Last night while handing out candy, I snacked on one of these:

And a small handful of yogurt covered raisins:

We went to our friends house later on last night, and I had some drinks (vodka and water, and a couple shots), and about 10 chips throughout the night.

This morning I slept in later than I have in years. Lunch was a Green Monster made with 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 1 banana, 1 scoop amazing grass, 1 T peanut butter:

I also had some Mary's Crackers with herb and garlic cream cheese:

Dinner was 2 slices of meatloaf, topped with ketchup, and some Anne's Mac and Cheese:

I also had a couple glasses of milk, which is weird for me because I never really drink milk .. but I was craving it, so I guess that means by body needed calcium or something!

I choose not to drink milk most of the time, as I don't know how healthy it is, and I think that the human (adult) body has trouble digesting it. I have done loads of research about milk, and the majority of what I have read says that milk is not good for adults, particularly because it can scar the arteries, and because of the hormones/ antibiotics given to cows. But - since I was craving it today, I figured why not. Typically I think that if your body is craving a food/ drink, that food/ drink has something in it that your body needs. I listen to my cravings for this reason.

Do you drink milk?


Sophia said...

Milk is a controversial subject. Apparently raw milk is some kind of superfood, but you don't see them in supermarkets.
I don't drink milk, because I never liked it, but I will cook and bake with milk.

Anonymous said...

crispy crunch are my favorite (favourite i suppose) candy EVER and they don't sell them in the states! ahhh i'm so jealous

and i drink milk in coffee and cereal, but not a glass of it... i don't like it!

Devan said...

awe your nephew looks adorable! hehe
i never drink milk. My mom used to make me have a glass with breakfast, lunch, and dinner when I was growing up. But now cows milk does not agree with me.
I use soymilk or soygurt in cereal :)

Grace said...

I do drink milk... in moderation, I believe it's more healthier for you than it isn't. Like you said, great source of calcium, etc. I feel ill if I eat a big bowl of ice cream (dairy!) but a glass of milk after a workout is great. :)

I believe that too about your body craving something when it needs a certain nutrient in that food.

Simply Life said...

Oh my gosh, his costume is great!

Anonymous said...

Your nephew looks so cute! I never used to drink milk as I was a bit lactose intolerant but lately I will drink skim milk occasionally and I'm ok with it.

Barbara said...

Fun costume for your nephew! Scary, really.
I drink soy milk- or organic skim.

Low said...

Your nephew is adorable. Love Annie's mac and cheese! YUM!

Michelle @ Favorite Freezer Foods said...

Nothing drives me nuts like watching someone chug milk. I believe that if you are thirty you need water not milk or soda or juice.

Also raw milk is illegal here in Canada. But that is a whole different topic that if we should drink it.

I'm with you, considering the antibiotics, grain feed diet and hormones often given to cows I don't drink it. I only use it for baking and the occasional sauce recipe.

Anais said...

I definitely drink milk: in my coffee, or a small glass with brekafast (3/4 cup). I just find it really fills me up and sets me for the day! Somehow I hadn't heard much about the fact that it was controversial but I eat an overall healthy diet so I think I'll take the risk there :)

Alaina said...

I know we've discussed the topic of milk before but I still enjoy having the occasional glass of skim milk. It is not an everyday thing for me, but a few times a week. Hubby on the other hand is like a calf - loves milk!

Anonymous said...

I actually was completely lactose intollerent as a child, then I mysteriously "grew out of it" but never liked the taste.

my milk allergy has returned with a vengence in the past few years though and now I can't even have any cows-milk products without my body freaking out lol

Love your blog - you have really nice photos!

Nicci said...

Such a cute Venom. lol Aww, I haven't had meatloaf in forever...looks great.