Thursday, November 5, 2009

When it Rains ...

It pours.

Today started out great.

I demolished my green monster so fast, that I forgot to take a pic until it was gone:

I packed a wonderful lunch of leftovers from last night:

With one of these:

And these:

The hubby took the day off work today to get some little things done in the basement, and meet the movers who were going to my dad's to pick up the piano for our basement (a family heirloom) and then to the hubby's parent's to get our sectional couch that has been there for 2 years waiting in storage to be used in our basement!

Well, this was the plan.

I got a call this afternoon at work from the hubby telling me that the piano could not be brought into our house because it couldn't fit around the corner from our front or back entry into the house. So ... we had to pay for the movers to try and do this for a long time, and when it wasn't going to work, we had to pay them to take it somewhere else for us to store (until we get a bigger house - some day. Lovely).

Next up - the couch. Won't fit down the stairs. We waited 2 years to finally have a finished basement, and now the couch won't fit down the stairs. So ... now we need to sell it, and basically have no where to put it in the time being.

And so we spent over $500 on movers today, and got nothing.

I am typing this post through tears of frustration, and just hoping that life in general will be a little better tomorrow.

I am so sorry to be Debbie Downer in these last 2 posts, but I want to be honest with you - and don't want to fake a smile and cheerful mood when I am just not feeling it.

In better news - I feel really good health wise. The flu is going around my school (H1N1) etc. and as of now, I feel perfectly fine. *knocks on wood.*

I usually can see the light through all the darkness, but this semester (I measure my life in semesters, btw) I am having a really hard time doing this. I have never been through a more difficult time in my life, with trying to manage more than one person should. I know it will be over in December, and that is what is keeping me going.

A made turkey (soft) tacos for dinner today. I used ground turkey, a taco seasoning pack, cheese, salsa, and whole wheat wraps.

This is my serving:

I am usually in a really good mood, and I don't have a lot to complain about in my life.

But today is just one of those days. Ya know?

P.S. Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday! - Alaina - you are too sweet!
P.P.S. The video I posted is NOT the Miley Cyrus video ... it is a REMAKE of her song! Check it out!


Amber said...

Oh no, that sucks lady! Stupid movers, that sucks that they charged you even though they did NOTHING.

I have been having an especially tough semester too. Especially with it being my first semester alone so far from my family! I'm SO glad this semester is almost over, that's for sure :-)

Anonymous said...

seriously, I HATE moving. A lot. So I totally feel your pain. At least the day is over, right?

Simply Life said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about the mishap today :( I have those days too and it's okay to have and just deal with it instead of trying to ignore it - hope things turn around soon!

Sophia said...

Gosh, I would seriously be bitching if I wasted $500 for nothing. I like your attitude though...tomorrow WILL be better! cheer up, dearie...but after you've had a good cry! sometimes it's good to just let it out! :-)

Low said...

I'm so sorry about that! Paying for movers is so frustrating, especially when it doesn't work out. I hope today is better :)

Jocelyn said...

oh sounds like you had a horrible day :(:( 500 dollars is a lot of money and I would be acting the same way if that happened to me :(

I hope things start to look up and that you have a nice relaxing weekend...treat yourself to something that makes you glow :)

Joy of Food said...

Sorry you had a bad day and blogging about it is fine you need to get your fustration out some way.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your bad day. I hate when days work out that way.

One Healthy Apple said...

Sorry you had a poopy day. Tomorrow is always better! Sometimes talking about it makes things a little easier to deal with, so we are always glad to listen (read)!

Anonymous said...

Jolen, So sorry that you are having such a bad day! Its totally OK to feel down sometimes, even for a period of time... and its your space to share how you are feeling. Just keep your head up- it will get better!