Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good morning lovelies! Hope you all slept as well as I did last night :-) Before bed I snacked on some lightly steamed trees :-)

This morning I made myself a Green Monster: (I don't understand why some of these pics are turning out blurry ... technology ... gahh)

I threw some hemp seed and flax seed in with my spinach and banana.

I also had a slice of flax toast with almond butter:

Today I will be spending the day outside for work. I have packed myself a healthy lunch, and a bunch of water and am looking forward to a great day!! I have to enjoy this hot heat while I can ... in a few months it could be -40 degrees.

How cold does winter get in your city? Last year, we had the coldest winter EVER!! It was unbearable pretty much everyday. And then to make matters worse, this was our coldest summer on record!! Luckily it is finally nice out!!


Anonymous said...

Winter varies here, but I've definitely noticed a difference over the years and it's warmer than it used to be. It used to snow every Winter, which I loved btw, but it hardly ever snows now.


Simply Life said...

Where did you buy flax toast? I've looked for it before but haven't been able to find it! Looks great!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Simply Life - I got the flax bread from the regular grocery store (ExtraFoods).