Friday, September 25, 2009

Waffles and Saskatoon

Last night the hubby made enough waffle batter to make 2 large Belgium waffles this morning. When he got up this morning to make the waffles, the batter had deflated or something and there was only enough for 1 waffle. He let me have it :-) I only ate half since it was really dense (because it was the batter for 2). The lesson: don't make the waffle batter the night before.

I topped my waffle with Source Vanilla Yogurt.

Immediately after work today, the hubby and I are headed to Saskatoon (2 hour drive). I have a test to write there tomorrow morning, so we are going to go today, go out for dinner, possibly go for a run, and also visit my MOM!!!! I am excited! (about going to S'toon, not about writing my GRE test).

I will be hauling along my camera and computer, so I will be blogging while there!

Have you ever written the GRE or SAT? How was it?


Alaina said...

Good luck on your GRE Jo! I know you'll knock it out of the ballpark! See you Saturday for the partay...

p.s. Suggestions for supper in Saskatoon:
I know you two like Mexican and the Crab Enchiladas at Amigo's off of Broadway are amazing! Everything is actually, and cheap.
Also there is a foudue place on 8th - haven't been there yet though...

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Thanks Alaina!!!

Oh yeah, we have been meaning to check out that fondue place!!!

See you Saturday :-)

Nicci said...

I love waffles with yogurt on top.
Okra Fries recipe:
put the okra in a freezer bag toss in salt, pepper and some garlic salt.(whatever spices you like)
Cook on a tray or foil for 30 minutes @ 450!!

Simply Life said...

Oh I loooove waffles - looks like a great breakfast! Thanks for all the fun ideas with sweet potatoes; I'll definitely be referring to your comment the next time I use them! Good luck on the exam - I'm sure you'll do great!

Joy of Food said...

Good luck with your test.