Monday, September 7, 2009

I took a tiny break from my marathon writing session to eat some lunch. Hubby made some Annie's Mac and Cheese (mac and cheese is always our weekend lunch stand by ... pretty much if we don't go out for lunch, it is good ole' mac and cheese).

I also had 3 of the juiciest little plums ...

I wrote, and wrote, and read, and wrote and polished off 12 pages by 4:00. Then I sent them to my supervisor, and got ready for a friends b-day/ BBQ :-)
When we got to the BBQ, I nibbled on chips until dinner was ready. I was so hungry, I just couldn't stop ...

I always lick my chips when I am at home, but I either don't do it or try and do it really discreetly in public. Haha, I just love the stuff on 'em! When I am around my friends, I don't care, and I will usually lick them. In fact, when we are around a fire pit, I have been known to lick the chip and then throw it in the fire. I just like the flavour - can't help it!

For dinner I had a smokie with pickles, onion, ketchup, and cheese. I also had a big helping of salad and some raw veggies.

Dessert was b-day cake, but I just wanted to taste it. I had 2 bites of this one:

And 2 bites of this one:

And the rest went to my human garbage disposal (hubby).

Back to work tomorrow - but how great is it that it is a short week!!? The weekend should be back again before we even know it!


Anonymous said...

I love Annie's Mac and Cheese! And I love your story about licking the chips... thats hysterical! I totally know what you are saying about the good flavor on top!

Simply Life said...

I've heard Annie's Mac and Cheese is amazing but still have yet to try it!