Monday, September 21, 2009

Breakfast Parfait

I had a crazy sleep last night! It was windy/ rainy outside and we had our windows open for fresh air, but I kept waking up because of the noise from outside.

This morning I had a breakfast parfait with Source Vanilla Yogurt, peaches, mango, and strawberries, and about 2 TBSP bran on top for some fibre/ carbs. Sorry the picture is blurry ... I am still trying to figure out the husbands SLR camera.

I am going to grab a cup of java and try to make it to work a little early to make up for the fact that I couldn't get in yesterday to do what I wanted to get done ...

Have a great Monday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Love the parfait and the glass is so cute.


Simply Life said...

Oh that is the prettiest parfait!