Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Green Monsters :-(

I was craving a GREEN MONSTER this morning, but we have no spinach :-( The grocery store was completely out of all kinds of spinach. So, I tried another one of my Amazing Grass samples: Chocolate Flavoured Green Super Food!

I mixed it with 1 cup almond breeze, and 1 banana. The result was POTENT! You could really taste the grass taste, but the chocolate taste was there too, and it wasn't that bad. No where near as good as a spinach green monster though.

Since that is not enough fuel for me in the morning, I also had 1 egg on a multi grain slice of toast:

Off to work ... then I have a girls movie night tonight! I am going to see Julie and Julia for the 2nd time! (although this time there are closer to 10 ladies going, and we are going for appies first :-) Should be a fun evening!

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Anonymous said...

Yummy egg. Enjoy your film.