Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Spa" Day

This morning I woke up early (loud workers in the basement) and made a "Green" omelet. I used 2 eggs, and 1 white, a splash of milk, green onions, green pepper, and broccoli. I sprinkled it with a bit of cheese when it was done, and served it with a slice of whole wheat toast.

Today I will be spending some time in 2 different spas. This morning I am going to go for an infrared sauna to a place called "A Balanced Approach." Infrared saunas are said to have many health benefits, including detoxification. I got a gift certificate last year for 3 half-hour sessions, and this will be my first of those 3.

This afternoon I am going to a different spa called "Jane's Skin Care and Day Spa" for a 1 hour massage :-) I usually ask for a pressure level somewhere between relaxation and therapeutic, because relaxation is too light for me, and therapeutic hurts.

What do you have planned for the day?


Simply Life said...

Oh your omelet looks so good! I'll already curious to hear how the spa treatments went - sounds fun!!!

Nicci said...

That sounds so amazing right now, especially going to 2 spas. Have a lovely relaxing Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to my cousins wedding today, so have a full day of celebrating ahead of me.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

NICE! Enjoy the massage!