Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st Training Day

Today I packed a healthy lunch that included:
  • a turkey/spinach/mustard sandwich on flax bread
  • an apple
  • unsweetened berry/apple sauce
  • a fiber 1 bar
All together now ...

I ended up eating the fiber 1 bar as my morning snack, the applesauce and sandwich at lunch, and the apple in the afternoon.

I had a long day out in the sun today (field trip) that included a lot of walking. When I got home I was famished! I snacked on 2 slices of turkey while making a delicious new recipe for supper.

Above: the turkey ... sorry the picture is lame.

For supper I made a recipe that was inspired by simplylife's dinner last week - stuffed peppers. I couldn't find the orzo noodles like she used, so I had to use rice. I changed it up a bit, based on what was handy.

This is what I did:
1) Cut 2 red peppers in half length wise, and boil them for 5 minutes.
2) Sauté some mushrooms and onion.
3) Add about 1/2 or so of tomato sauce to the mushrooms and onion.
4) Toss some cooked wild rice into the pan and toss around with the mixture.
5) Fill the peppers with the mixture and top them with cheese
6) 375 for 15 minutes.


Ooooooh so good.

I was talking yesterday about how I wish I was a runner ... but I hate running. Most of the blogs I read are runner's blogs - and many of these people have said that when they started out it sucked for them too - but they stuck with it, and now they love it. I figured the only way that I would be able to be a runner, was by running and learning to love it. So, last night I asked the hubby if he could find me a training plan (he is a triathlete/ marathoner etc. and so I knew he would know where to look!)

He found me a program called C25K which gets you from the couch to running 5k within 9 weeks (running 3 times per week). I tried this program before, but gave up after 2 days because I hated running.

Today after dinner hubby asked "do you want to start the running program today?" And I replied, "No, I will start tomorrow."

About 30 seconds later I changed my mind, and decided that if I say that today, I will probably say the same thing tomorrow - I just have to get up and DO IT!! So I got in my gear, and headed out the door :-)

The first day of the training was run 1 minute, jog 90 seconds, repeat for 20 minutes. This may sound easy to many of you (and probably is easy for anyone who runs) ... but it was HARD for me!! I am a sprinter - I have speed, not endurance. Hubby actually had to tell me to S-L-O-W down numerous times as I was running at a speed of 5-6 minute miles, which apparently is way too fast and could make me burn out quickly. Who woulda thunk it?

I ended up finishing the 20 minutes, but man oh man was I breathing HEAVY! My legs were fine, it is just my cardiovascular self that is out of shape :-) I was VERY happy that I went out and did this, and I really hope I continue with it for the 9 weeks.

After my walk/run I made a mini power smoothie with (almond milk, almond butter, frozen mixed berries, fresh strawberries, a little protein powder, and a sprinkle of ground gogi berries):

I was still haaaangry ;-) so I had some trees:

Biggest Loser starts tonight!!!!! I am SO excited for the new season :-) Have a great night everyone!


Anonymous said...

First of all I love those stuffed peppers and have to make some this week (when I've gathered all the ingredients)
Secondly Good for you getting out there and running. I'm like you if I put thing off till the next day I end up doing that each day until I don't bother at all.


Simply Life said...

Way to go with the running! It's definitely not always easy but I'm happy to year you just decided to go for it! ooh and your stuffed peppers look GREAT! I'm glad to hear you liked them!