Saturday, September 19, 2009

Traning Day 2 and A Fantastic Dinner

Today was a great day! After my morning sauna and a lovely lunch, I went to the spa for a 1 hour massage that was just what I needed. I usually get a massage each month, however I haven't gone in a while because I have been so busy. I actually have another one booked for Tuesday to make up for all the ones I have missed over the past few months :-)

After my massage I went and picked out paint and carpet for my basement!! We will be ready to paint by Monday, and I CAN'T wait!!

When I got home I got my running gear on and got ready for the second day of my training schedule for the C25K running program. Yeah, it was torture. It was just as hard as the first day - and I know this is pathetic, because it shouldn't really be that hard ... but for me it is. I guess the only good thing is that it seemed to go by faster than the 1st day. Blech. I am still going to push on with it ... tomorrow is the 3rd run for this week. I will become a runner - I will!!

On to dinner ...

This morning we got a text from the hubby's aunt Charmain, inviting us to her place for dinner tonight. Well ... she had quite the spread!!! It was FANTASTIC!! Check it out:

3 kinds of delicious cheese (the dark one is a Guinness Cheddar)

Caprese Salad

Caesar salad, wild rice, and asparagus

Fresh beets, and a lovely stuffed pork that was beautifully prepared

This was my plate:

I enjoyed it with a glass of red wine, and a piece or two of each of the cheeses.

Dessert was a little bit of ice cream topped with Icewine and berries:

Wow! I was STUFFED after this meal. There were just so many tasty dishes, and the presentation was lovely! I especially liked the wide variety of veggies to choose from.

After dinner and some visiting, I met up with some friends and we were going to go out dancing - but once we got to the club we realized that none of us were really feeling it, and we were all tired and wanted to go home. I had 1 beer, chatted for about an hour and was home by midnight. I am going to read a magazine for a while and then get a good nights sleep :-)


Simply Life said...

WOW, that meal looks incredible! Glad to hear you enjoyed the spa day! Way to go with the running! I'm impressed - I can run but when it comes to other sports I'm not too talented and tend to just stay away so I'm definitely inspired by your bravery!

Jocelyn said...

oh my goodness..great spread! I'm glad you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Yum, that meal looks awesome. Good for your for sticking to running. I cannot run for the life of me, so I am totally impressed!
I got a massage this weekend, too, and it was awesooome! Must do it more often :).