Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Beautiful Summer Night

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and it was so nice to spend an evening outside last night on a lovely September night. We went to a BBQ at our friends place, to celebrate his 27th birthday. Hubby and I made the cake, and it was pretty nerdy :-)

I spent the evening drinking Paliser Porter (beer), and visiting with friends. For dinner I had a burger on a whole wheat bun, with ketchup, mustard, mayo and cheese, and about 4 bites of Japanese coleslaw salad. I didn't have any cake or dessert. I love to make cakes, and other types of baking, but I don't really have a sweet tooth, so I often don't even try what I make.

Sunday's are family days for us ... we went for brunch with my family, which we do most Sundays, and then we always go to the husband's parents house for Sunday dinner. I was not feeling too well this morning - didn't sleep well (the beer had nothing to do with it ;-) so I only ate part of this beautiful plate:

I ate all the fruit, half the eggs, and half the bacon (I pick off the meat parts and leave the fat parts). I didn't have any of the muffin. It felt really dry.

This afternoon we are spending the day with my nephew Giovanni :-) He is our only nephew, and we LOVE spending time with him. I would drop anything to see him. We are taking him swimming, and then for a walk around the lake to feed the ducks. It is another beautiful day in Regina, and we are looking forward to spending it with our favourite little buddy!

I should be doing home work today, but sometimes there are just better things to do.


meg said...

Hope you had fun with your little buddy! I agree sometimes those things are more important than homework!

Michelle Zack said...

As someone who plays WoW I have to say I love the cake, it looks great. But I do have a sweet tooth, no way I could pass up trying it.