Tuesday, September 29, 2009

100th Post

Mornin'! This post is my 100th post! I am pretty excited about this because I have tried to start blogs before ... and every time I gave up after maybe 15 days max. I guess I found my passion when it comes to blogging! Thanks to all my readers for sticking with me and commenting! I appreciate you ALL!

In honour of my hundredth post, I want to tell you 10 things I love about blogging:
1) "Meeting" other food/ nutrition bloggers
2) Being able to have a visual of what I eat each day
3) This blog makes me want to be more creative with my food choices, so that it is not *as* boring for readers - I know my almost daily Green Monster is still pretty boring!
4) This blog encourages me to eat healthier, since I know everyone is going to see what I eat! - and I am 100% honest with you all.
5) I love the free loot in the mail :-)
6) I love having a project to do, each day.
7) I love how encouraging people are when I burn dinner, or am trying to learn to run
8) This blog chronicles important events in my life (like a diary - and I have never been able to keep a diary).
9) This blog motivates me to cook more dinner more often, and go out to restaurants less (i.e. save money).
10) I just LOVE it because it is FUN!

Breakfast this morning was 2 whole wheat pancakes:

And a mini Green Monster:

Since I started drinking Green Monsters, I go through a BIG bag of spinach each week (all to myself)!! How awesome is that!!?

I would love to get to know some of my readers a little bit better! If you want, leave a comment and answer the following:
  • Name
  • Where you are from
  • How long you have been reading
  • Favorite Food
  • What you would like to see more of on this blog
Have a great day everyone!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

YAY!! Happy 100th post :)

Name = VeggieGirl :)

Where you are from = Ohio

How long you have been reading = since you began the blog

Favorite Food = can't pick just one!! But I seriously can't go more than ONE day without sweet potatoes, kale, and avocados.

What you would like to see more of on this blog = recipes

Alaina said...

Name: Alaina

Where you are from: Same as you, good old Saskatchewan...

How long you have been reading: Since you told me about it - I think it was right near the beginning.

Favorite Food: I guess if I had to narrow it down it would be between tomatoes and a good strong cheese - parmigiano-reggiano, extra old cheddar or almost anything bleu.

What you would like to see more of on this blog: I would like to see you try out more new recipes. Especially ones that are vegetarian. But hey, you are cooking more than me right now so I really can't complain...you are definitely cooking more and going out less which I am proud of you for.

Great blog - I enjoy checking it every day! Congratulations on your 100th post!

Anonymous said...

Yay- congrats on your 100th post! I agree with everything on your list!
To answer your questions:

Miami, FL
Been reading for about 6 weeks
Favorite food= Guacamole, all Mexican, and pizza!
What would you like to see more: More pictures!

Joy of Food said...


Name - Taylor

Where you are from - Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

How long you have been reading - since the beginning

Favorite Food - chicken, sandwiches

What you would like to see more of on this blog - More products you buy/eat

Simply Life said...

Congrats on 100 great posts! I'm glad to have start reading - I look forward to each post and see pictures of your delicious food and hear about your running (and other) adventures! :)

Jocelyn said...

Happy 100th post! That is so exciting. Congratz and I hope to read 100 more :)

As for your questions...

Name - Jocelyn

How long have you been reading - Not sure..a while

Fave food - pizza, mexican foods, pasta salads

and I`d like to see whatever you feel passionate about and want to put up here for us to read :)