Friday, September 18, 2009

Taking the Night Off ...

I am wiped. I can't say it has been a long week, because it has actually gone by rather fast ... but it has been a tiring week. I am not really feeling the desire to blog that much tonight, and so this is going to be brief, and then I am going to relax :-)

Lunch: Same bowl as yesterday (Harvest Bowl) and an apple sauce cup and 1/2 a donut ... I don't ever feel like a whole one, but I wanted a taste ...

After Work: 1 glass of Stella Artois and shared a few sweet potato fries with some friends

Dinner: Salmon, potatoes, corn

My day 2 of training was supposed to be today - but I am wiped, and the hubby (who joins me on my runs) has work to do in our basement, so the Day 2 of training will happen tomorrow, and Day 3 on Sunday.

I also have an Infrared Sauna appointment tomorrow (stay tuned for pics!!) and a massage! I can't wait!!



Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted, too, and just want to sit on the couch... You deserve a nice night off and a massage tomorrow- yay :) ... enjoy!

Anonymous said...

It has been a long week this week and for me it has really dragged and was made worse by not having any TV or cable. All is well now though thankfully.