Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disgusting Breakfast ... and a GRE test.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 a.m. and the hubby and I headed to Humpty's for breakfast before my GRE test. The food was TERRIBLE! I won't be going back to Humpty's anytime soon.

I wanted a filling breakfast with lots of protein since I would be writing my test from 10 - 2, and this early breakfast would have to keep me going until I was done. I ordered the Coyboy's breakfast (2 eggs, sausage, ham, bacon, hash browns, and toast). I ate the 2 eggs, 1 slice of toast, and the bacon. The ham and sausage looked GROSS and was SUPER greasy. No thanks.

I also had a few cups of Joe:

Since I ate such a pitiful amount of my lame breakfast, I stopped to get a bar to fill me up a bit more before my exam. I had this:

I got to my exam center early and registered, and then got started on what was the longest, most boring, and stressful exam I have taken in a long time. It wasn't the questions that were stressing me out, it was the fact that I had to be in this little cubicle from 9:45 - 1:30 with no water, and if I wanted a washroom break the time would keep running on the test (which was almost impossible to finish under the time constraints as it was). We got one 10 minute break in the middle of the test (thank God) ... and that was it. I ate this during the 10 minute break:

I have no idea how I did on the test because they mail the results ... but at this point I am just ecstatic that it is DONE!! Now time to study for my subject GRE (Psychology) ... after a few days break anyway :-)

After the test we immediately drove the 2 hours home.

I had a bit of a strange supper ... 5 perogies:

And a Green Monster: (not as green as usual because we were low on spinach)

Tonight the hubby and I are headed to our friends "1 Year House Warming" (because he kinda forgot to have a housewarming party). It is a 70s themed event, so I am off to put on my bell bottoms :-)

Have an awesome Saturday night everyone!

Anyone have big plans for tonight?


Jocelyn said...

congratz on finishing that test! Sounds like a bummer to be in that cubicle for so long...

Also 70s style theme = FUN! I really had no plans for tonight. Too exhausted from the work week. Sad. lol

Simply Life said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear the breakfast wasn't great but congrats on taking the test!

Nicci said...

I don't think I could sit still that long in a confined place. sorry the breakfast was too greasy, it did look good. I love the 70's hope you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Ugggh. The test sounds terrible and grueling. The LSAT was also awful- no time to used the bathroom. And what's up with not letting people have water during an exam?!