Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Things

1)  Our little trip to Vancouver over the long-weekend was quick, but a lot of fun.  We did a lot of walking and a lot of eating (more about the food to come).

2)  My birthday was on Tuesday, and Christopher's is today (Thursday).  We went out for dinner a couple times this week to celebrate.  And there was bubbly too ...

3)  When we came home from Vancouver we didn't have much for groceries, but we did have a couple steaks in the freezer, and two sweet potatoes.  Bam, supper. 

We very, very rarely cook steak, but Christopher still managed to cook it PERFECTLY.

4)  We've been going to the public library on Wednesday evenings to see movies in the film theater.  Yesterday we saw "Taste the Blood of Dracula".  We're looking forward to a couple more coming up next week.

5)  Spoon Me has the worst frozen yogurt ever.  They shouldn't even call it frozen yogurt; it's frozen ice crystals.  Disgusting.

6)  We went to a fundraiser chicken/rib night the other day to help raise money for a friend's brother.  The food was good, especially the Caesar salad.

What are your Thursday things?  How's your week going so far?


suki said...

Yay October babies! I'm celebrating mine this weekend. :-) Vancouver is such a fun and beautiful place, so much great eating!

Simply Life said...

Great pictures of the city! Happy Birthday!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy belated Birthday to you & Chris! That is cool that your bdays are so close together!