Friday, October 18, 2013

Vij's Vancouver

On Friday evening, our first evening in Vancouver, we got dressed up and headed out to Vij's.  I've been wanting to visit this restaurant for years, as it's widely regarded as the best Indian restaurant in North America.  There is a line up outside of this place each night before the restaurant even opens.

We arrived 30 minutes before opening time and ended up getting a table (although barely!).  The best part about this place was that they brought little samples of the food out to the people in line, and once we were seated, they continued to bring samples around.

We ordered 2 appetizers - local pork belly with apple mint jelly, and lamb/beef samosas.

The appetizers were excellent!

Unfortunately neither of us were blown away by our entrees.  Christopher had a curry, and I had the lamb popsicles.  

We agreed that the lamb was perfectly cooked, but both of our entrees were lacking the depth of flavour that we've come to appreciate at our favourite Indian restaurant, Bombay.

The rice wasn't great, but the naan bread was superb, as was the service. 

All in all, from this first experience at Vij's, I don't think it's worth the hype, or the hefty bill.  

Is there a restaurant that you've been wanting to try for a long time?


suki said...

It's hard to justify spending money if the food is comparable to other spots and the experience itself doesn't rank up there too... Standing in line outside to get in? It'd have to be worth that wait. Some places aren't, even if their food is decently good.

Amber said...

I ate there a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it but don't remember it completely blowing me away or anything. And while I do really enjoy Indian food, it's not my favourite thing in the world. Glad you got to check it out though!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I ate at this restaurant with Amber and remember really enjoying it but like her, I don't think I was blown away? But it was 3 years ago so it's kind of hard to remember! One restaurant I wanted to go to so badly was Colicchio and Sons and it did not disappoint when I went there in August!