Monday, October 21, 2013

3 Local Restaurants

We haven't eaten at home much lately.  On Thursday we visited one of our very favourite restaurants in town, Bombay.  The owner brought us out a little something to try before our food ... I'm not sure what it's called, but we thought it was light and crisp but soft (if that makes sense), and  it tasted great with the green chutney.

We shared the paneer pakora to start, and it was really good.

For the main course Christopher had garlic shrimp - yummm!  

I had my usual, chicken gorma with pashwary naan.

On Saturday evening Christopher's parents took us out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays.  We went to Grekkos.  I had the caesar salad, which was awesome!  It was super garlicky, which made me happy.  

My main course was the chicken cordon bleu, but I couldn't eat much of it since we the 'rents fed us too many delicious snacks before dinner ;-)  I took the leftovers home to eat the next day.

Sunday morning was another meal out - brunch with Vicki at Fireside.  My frittata was loaded with mushrooms, spinach and banana peppers.

What is the last restaurant that you went to?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have had those crispy things you started off with at Bombay, too. They are so good! There is an awesome indian place that is actually a buffet in Minneapolis and they have them!

I just got home from dinner at a restaurant as I had a work dinner. It's not my favorite place, but the salad was a grilled vegetable salad with kale and it was so good!