Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pizza at Home

I've made pizza crust before, but once I discovered this frozen pizza dough, we've been using it each time we make homemade pizza, calzones, pizza pops ...

It is available at Dad's Organic Market and Koko Patisserie, and we like it because it's easy to use and only contains the following ingredients: organic flour, salt, extra virgin olive oil, water and yeast.

We picked up some pretty oregano at the Public Market in Vancouver, and it made a nice addition to our veggie pizza.  It looks fresh, but it was dried like this:

It has a stronger flavour than regular dried oregano.

Topped with a trio of cheeses ...

And into the oven.

Do you make pizza at home?  
Do you usually make or buy the dough/crust?


Anonymous said...

I used to buy frozen dough all the time until I realized that I could save dough by making my own dough :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Gluten free dough is usually so disappointing, so I have never made my own pizza. I will occasionally have GF pizza when i am out to eat, but it's pretty rare and maybe happens once a year! That dough looks great and how awesome that it has so few ingredients!