Wednesday, October 16, 2013


After being in Vancouver for under two hours, we found a Japadog (recommended to us by Alaina - thanks Alaina) just down from out hotel.  There is a permanent store, as well as several hotdog carts around the city.  This place has been featured on the Food Network, etc., and is known for Japanese-inspired hotdog creations.  If Anthony Bordain gave it a thumbs up, I figured it must be good.

We shared the kurobuta terimayo.

We both loved the toasted bun, how the hotdog was cut to allow more toppings, how juicy it was, and the salty seaweed on top.

We were planning on hitting Japadog once more before leaving Vancouver, but there were just too many other places to eat.

Until next time Japadog ...

I think we'll be trying to recreate this hotdog at home.  

Would you eat seaweed on a hotdog?  
Have you ever eaten at Japadog?


Anonymous said...

That looks interesting! I would've never thought about putting seaweed on top of a hot dog!

suki said...

I've eaten there and blogged about it too! :) It's good, and there are so many COPIES out there now!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never had or heard of Japadog, but it sounds delicious! But anything endorsed by Anthony Bordain has to be, for the most part i would think!