Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesterday was a great day! I had a good day at work, and then went out for dinner with some girlfriends that I haven't seen in a long time due to our *my* way too busy schedule(s). For lunch at work I had some rice with taco beef on top and some mango salsa. I also had 1 mini Aero bar. For a morning snack I had strawberries (about a cup). Dinner was at a new restaurant called "The Abbey." I had a glass of wine, and 1 glass of beer. The wine came with a veggie salad.

For my entrée, a friend and I ordered 2 appetizer pizzas (that were much bigger than an appetizer) and we shared them both. One had veggies, the other had chorizo sausage. I think the sausage one was better because the veggie one overdid it on the goat cheese. Neither blew me away though.

I slept in this morning and haven't really felt like eating anything. I had a coffee, and a small bowl of source vanilla yogurt with flax seed. Just wasn't feeling like anything more substantial.

Tonight we have a friends b-day party that we have really been looking forward to! We are going to a restaurant called "The Bushwakker" for dinner, and then we are coming back to our house for dessert/ snacks/ fire pit/ games, whatever! It should be a fun night! Husband and I are making the b-day cake ... a Taj Mahal cake :-)

A few months ago we were out at an East Indian restaurant, and we were telling our friend that we would love to make her b-day cake again this year. We asked her what she wanted, and she turned around and pointed to a big picture of the Taj Mahal and said "I want that." She was joking, and I don't think she expected us to actually make it, but this morning Hubby baked the cake, then cut it into a Taj Mahal shape ... and this afternoon we are going to decorate it together! I will post pics once it is done! Should be pretty cool :-)

Okay, I am off to clean my home and get it ready for my peeps to come over and mess it up again! Maybe I will eat something else too - I probably should!

Do you make cakes? What is the neatest cake you ever made? Last year we made our friend Mike a Guinness cake!


Anonymous said...

That cake sounds awesome and so creative. I'm excited to see it!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see this cake! I make cakes "neat" by incorporating new ingredients--I am not as skilled as ya'll when it comes to decorating. :)