Monday, August 10, 2009

Blueberries are FULL of antioxidants and in my opinion, a superfood, so I try to get them into my diet however I can. I found this 100% Pure Blueberry juice at Costco for only $5, so I had to get it and give it a try. I had 1/2 cup this afternoon, and it was pretty good. Not as sweet as I expected, which was nice.

I felt like going for a walk around the lake, but decided to leave that for after supper so hubby could come with me. Instead I decided to get some fresh air by doing some work in my backyard.

I made some fresh iced tea (1/4 cup boiling water, and mint green tea bag, then after a few minutes, I took out the tea bag and added ice and cold water to fill) to take out with me ...

And some light reading ... blech :-(

I can honestly say, this is the worst text book EVER! I hate it so much. I have to read it all. And then memorize it all. And then write 100 random multiple choice questions that can come from anything in the text.

When I am done the class I will be one happy foodie.

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