Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today was another busy day - getting my room ready for my new class! I had a lunch packed for today and I took a picture of it, but then a colleague wanted to go for lunch - so I went, and didn't get a pic. I had a small turkey sub on whole wheat with light mayo, tomatoes, and banana peppers, with water to drink. In the afternoon I snacked on this:

I am overwhelmed with stuff I have to do right now, it is INSANE! I have a million things to do for work, and then GREs to study for (Canadian version of SAT). I write my first one at the end of Sept. and haven't studied or prepped a thing yet. I also am taking 2 classes, and for one of them I have to write a thesis, and then I am working on a wedding for a client, and then I have stuff to do around the house and yard. This is TOO MUCH for 1 person! I feel like I should buckle down and not have a life at all, and just get to all this work - but then how can a person survive without seeing their friends and having fun too??

How do you manage all that you do?

For dinner I had my leftovers from last nights dinner at Korea House:

Before dinner I went to a work function for about 1/2 an hour and had a couple shrimp, a piece small piece of bread dipped in artichoke dip, and a couple mini pitas. I feel like I haven't stopped going all day, and now it is bedtime. I need time to relax!!


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