Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favorite Meal

Today husband and I went out for what is probably my favorite meal! It is called Bee Bim Bop, and we get it at a restaurant called "Korea House." It comes out in a sizzling HOT bowl, and you can hear the food sizzling as they bring it and for most of the time you eat it. It has rice, beef, and veggies, with sunny side egg on top. You mix it up when you get it and the egg shreds and cooks completely, and little bits of the rice get crispy - the best part! I put a Korean hot sauce on top and mix it in - SO Delicious!

It is a HUGE serving, so I only ate half, and took the rest to go. The best part about this meal is that it is only $10 :-) And they give you the best miso soup I have ever had (to start) and little dishes with things like kimchi, mushrooms, etc. I ate a few bites of kimchi, and drank my miso soup. Divine!

I am SO exhausted from a very long day - so I am off to bed!

Can't wait for tomorrow mornings breakfast - a GREEN MONSTER with real spinach!!! Haven't tried one of those yet, but I bought a big bag of spinach ... I will give the verdict tomorrow morning!

Do you drink green monsters? They are all the rage in the blogging community from what I have noticed.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god- that Korean food looks SOOO good. i love egg on anything!

Anonymous said...

I looove green monsters and drink one about every morning. I am sipping on one now as I type! :)

Anonymous said...

I have only had Korean food once and LOVED it! That dish looks great :D