Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dinner Disaster

Well ... dinner was a disaster today :-( I bought a curry sauce and some chicken from the organic grocery store yesterday, and was really looking forward to throwing them together to make a chicken curry on rice. The sauce had a recipe on the back, so I was following that. It said to put the chicken in a saucepan and cook with a bit of oil for a couple minutes. Okay. Done. Time for cheese and crackers to hold me over because the smell was so good, and I was huuungry!

Next it said to pour in a can of water and let simmer for 1/2 an hour. Well ... I might have left the burner on a little too high because the next thing I knew, the smell of smoke was filling the air and my pot was scorched, the chicken severely blackened, and the glass top burner of my stove was a ghastly sight. Uggh. So I did what any other gourmet chef does when they burn the chicken and husband is craving curry, and it is raining out, and they don't want to go outside ...

I said "screw it" and made Kraft Dinner.

Not exactly what I was planning on :-) Oh well. On the side I had half a can of tuna with a little light mayo and some celery and green onion ... to get my protein in. For dessert, a choc. chip cookie:

This evening I went to see Julie and Julia!! I LOVED it!! I think Julia Child is pretty much the funniest woman to have ever lived :-) I was smiling and laughing throughout the entire movie. During the movie I had about 10 or so little Skor bite chocolates that I shared with my friend. It was a nice ending to what started out as a disaster.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jolene,
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I hope you will come by and read again! Your blog is great as well. I love that you cook so many different recipes!
Sorry about your dinner, but sometime mac and cheese is the best solution to a rough night! I love it:).
Alright, hope to see you soon in the blog world!

chow and chatter said...

oh don't worry it happens to me also I burnt dal the other day and ruined the pan !!!