Thursday, August 27, 2009

Foodie Book Fanatic

That wonderful breakfast kept me full all morning! Usually at work I get hungry by about 10:00 and want to gnaw my arm off ... but not today! The Green Monster and complex carb did the trick! For lunch I had leftovers - ham and scalloped potatoes:

And an unsweetened apple sauce cup:

And about 1 cup of fresh strawberries (no pic).

I forgot my water bottle that I usually take to work, and did not want to use some random cup from the work cupboard (I am weird like that) ... so I had to buy a drink from the vending machine. They didn't have water *gasp* in the machine, so I had to resort to Brisk Ice tea :-( I NEVER buy fountain drinks or bottled beverages besides water, because:
  • I don't really like the taste
  • They have too much sugar, or artificial sweeteners
  • I don't like to drink my calories (unless they are of the fermented kind :-)
For dinner I had Curried Lentil Soup, and a sliced tomato:

It was a delicious and satisfying dinner! I love lentils!

As a self proclaimed "foodie," I obviously LOVE food, including making it, eating it, etc.. But one thing I love almost as much as eating food is ...

Reading about food! ALL things food. All the time. I read all kinds of books, but the ones I read the most are definitely food/ health/ nutrition related. I am probably more educated in the food and nutrition area than in my own fields that my degrees are in!! No joke!! I have been reading about this stuff since I was a young adolescent, and have kept abreast on pretty much everything out there. Here are a few samples from my collection - all of which I have read ... in case you want a "review":

These ones are more health related.

I also read pretty much every diet book out there, even though I have NEVER been on a diet. I just like to stay educated, and I find it extremely interesting and engaging to read about health/ nutrition/ and food:

Kevin Trudeau's books, as controversial as they may be, are brilliant.

For pete's sake, I even read the pregnancy books (especially the nutrition parts) ... and NO I am not preggers :-)

And where would I be with out my many magazine subscriptions!? (I could only find a few because I recycle them regularly):

Yesterday I bought a book that looks very interesting. It is called "Thin" and it is based on a documentary. It is about eating disorders, which if you know me, you will know is one of my biggest research interests. I am fascinated by the science behind eating disorders, and related disorders like OCD. I can't wait to crack this book open ... g'nite, I am going to read!

Do you have any "foodie" book suggestions for me? I can't wait to read "Hungry Monkey" and a few others that I have on my wish list :-)

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