Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy = Crap Food Choices

Wow - after a 10 hour work day, I am wiped! I really need to find sometime for me one of these days! After a whole summer of doing not much of anything, I am now in shock because of my insane schedule. I wake up, eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep (or try to sleep while I think about work). Hopefully this schedule slows down a bit, and I can have a life again. I also want to start getting some physical activity in. My idea of physical activity lately has been jumping through hoops, dodging homework, and running away from my problems :-)

I have become inspired by other blogs over the last few months ... they have inspired me to want to run! I have never been a runner, and really suck at running, and also hate every minute of it. Why on earth would I want to run then? I have no idea. I just really wish that I was a runner. I want to try and go for a couple torturous runs over the next couple weeks - and even though I know I will HATE them, I am going to TRY and push through. This is my goal. Whether or not I can get around to this is another story. When I am not working, I have homework to do, and when I am not doing that I have GREs to study for, etc. etc. Ugggh. Please come back summer!

Anyway, onto the eats:
  • Mid morning I had a fiber one bar.
  • For lunch today I ended up meeting friends from my old workplace for lunch at the TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, AWFUL ... Burger King :-( Bleh. (Can you tell I didn't pick the location :-) I don't like fast food as a rule, and hubby and I NEVER go out for it. But, my friends wanted BK and I wanted to see them, so I went. I had a chicken burger, small fries, and a bottled water. One BIG reason I don't like BK is that I got food poisoning from there twice! On those 2 occasions I was sicker than I had ever been before - trust me, it wasn't good! So I completely stopped eating there - until today. It has probably been 3 years since I have had a burger from there, and I NEVER will again!
I also chose to stop eating at McDonalds about 8 or 9 years ago, and haven't had a single burger or fry from there since. I decided that I didn't need it, and I wouldn't miss it, and I haven't. Husband and I try to go to non-chain restaurants whenever we can.
  • For dinner Hubby made chicken tacos (ground chicken, taco seasoning, mango salsa, cheese, multigrain tortilla). I had 2 and a water.

After dinner we went to check out the newly renovated Starbucks in our city (we don't have a single free standing Starbucks believe it or not!! We only have 1 in the Chapters, a couple in the Safeways, and 1 in a hotel). I had 1/3 of a skinny mocha frapp. I ordered the tall (small), but they gave me a bigger one by accident, and it was WAY too big. I was sick of it after about 3 sips.

Now that I look back at my eats today, it is a good thing I had that green monster this morning. That was the only dose of veggies I got all day! I hate how when I get busy, the meal planning and veggie consumption goes down the drain.

Do you find you make poorer food choices when you are busy?

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Anonymous said...

I depends on how I am busy--if I am busy with school stuff, I usually eat normal but if I am busy with "personal" stuff that is upsetting me--I will be eating lots and lots of junk.

p.s. I usually try to pick the places my friends and I eat because some of them like BK and fast food too. I mean if we are going to eat fast food--let it be Bojangles! haha