Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chain Restaurants vs Local Gems

On Friday evening the hubby and I used some gift certificates that we had to The Keg.  We shared some bruschetta, and then I ordered the crab legs.  

I was soon reminded why we avoid chain restaurants like the plague.  
The food was terrible.

We much prefer to eat at local restaurants that have unique menus and menus that change on a chef`s whim.  Last night we went out with a bunch of friends to celebrate the hubby`s 30th birthday (that is on Wednesday).  We went to a new restaurant in town called Table 10.

We started with the risotto croquettes.

My main course was a steak with truffle butter, and potatoes with bacon and beets.  

My steak was perfectly cooked and full of flavour.  I enjoyed every mouthwatering morsel.

My other eats yesterday were good too, but didn`t compare to the dinner.

This morning I juiced 3 apples, 2 oranges, 1/4 cantaloupe and 1/2 beet.  
It turned out a beautiful red colour. 

My dad took us out for breakfast where I had a poached egg, 1 slice of rye toast, some hash-browns and bacon.  

I snacked on blackberries in the afternoon while doing homework, and then dinner was at the in-laws, where we had steak dinner again.


I had a couple of these guys for dessert:


We got a new DSLR camera the other day, and a new lens too:


The criminal stole our old DSLR, so this was our replacement.  
I love new toys!

Do you eat at chain restaurants?  Do you try to eat at non-chain restaurants and support your local businesses?  What type of restaurants do you frequent the most?


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

YAY you tried the beet!! WOO HOO!! How was it??

I'm with you on the chain thing, I RARELY enjoy chain places, the Keg especially!!

Glad you got your camera too! FUN!!

Amy said...

Yay for a new camera!!!

Nicole Pearce said...

We almost never eat out unless it is a social function. For the money and time you spend eating out you can always make something better and tastier at home. When we first moved into our new house and didn't have our kitchen unpacked we went to a Chili's. I thought the place would be good because there was a long line and a 30 minute wait, which turned out to be an hour.
As we sat there waiting we realized everyone in the place was really obese and I mean everyone. We finally got our food and it was really awful. There were very few options on the menu that even looked appealing, everything was fried or smothered in cheese and bacon.
That was the last time I went to a chain restaurant and it was over three years ago. I did learn a valuable lesson on why Americans are so obese however.

Simply Life said...

No we don't go to too many chain restaurants unless we have a gift card - those croquettes look amazing!

Allysia said...

Yay Saskatchewan bloggers! :) Out of curiosity, what kind of juicer do you use? I've got a Hurom and I love it dearly! And I also avoid chains...not only does the food tend to be sub-par, but since I'm vegan, I'm not too keen on getting served frozen corn and white rice. :P

Table 10 looks nice and fancy, I've never heard of it!

Averie said...

omg i have the rebel t2i, so almost the same camera..and a few lenses now. youre gonna love it!!!!!

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

I rarely eat at chain restaurants because most of my experiences have been like yours... bad food! Unless I have a gift certificate or if I'm going out with work people or something I avoid them like the plague.

Unknown said...

Some chains I love (Subway, Olive Garden) and a lot of others I hate. It's always so repetitive and the menus are so loaded with ninja who would expect a TGIF salad to top 1,000? Craziness. Local is almost always better - those croquettes sound absolutely amazing!

Kacy said...

I definitely prefer local restaurants over chains. Sometimes I have no choice but to eat at a chain, but if I have a choice I always pick local!

Kat said...

We totally eat at Olive Garden or local mexican restaurants the most. We have been going to the same places for years, so why change now?! Glad you got a new camera!!

Anonymous said...

Well now this is really going to sound bad, but we usually only ever eat at chain restaurants. Steve and I are both really timid when it comes to new restaurants/menus and so we tend to stick with what we know. He always says "I like what I like and I don't want to change" haha. I think I'm a bit more willing, but only if I can check out the menu ahead of time to be sure there's something I'd like to try!

Amber said...

The chains we tend to eat at are of the fast food variety (Subway, Booster Juice, Taco Del Mar, A&W). I actually strongly DISLIKE the Keg and find it way overpriced for the food. Small, local restaurants are definitely the way to go :)

All your food looks so delicious! Especially the mashed potatoes. Hmmm!

Anonymous said...

I actually love chains! haha! I LOVE ruby tuesdays!!! your juice looks beautiful.. teach me your ways!

Yelena said...

I hope you enjoy your rebel! I'm still getting used to mine but love it of course!

Your dinner looks fantastic too. I prefer local independent restaurants because there are so many that I figure I can always go to a chain but can't ever replicate the detail of a unique place.

Danielle said...

100% with you on chains... I always prefer local.

Your pictures look lovely! I really want a tomato sandwich now... :)

kristine said...

Hey! Glad to find another Sask. blogger :).

I SOooo agree that local restaurants are wayyy better!

Anonymous said...

my parents love chain restaurants but I LOCAL restaurants cause you can't get it anywhere else!! I'm also a sucker for seasonal menu changes that reflect what's growing in the area!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am sort of a snob when it comes to eating out - I HATE chains. Except for Chipotle. That is one chain that I adore. :) I would rather go to a local restaurant. The food is better and more interesting - and often times, locally sourced.

Unknown said...

I love chains but that is because I don't have a very mature palette. I usually love Keg!

It sounds like you had a great meal at Table 10...where is it?? It must be very new. You always seem to be on the cutting edge of culinary I have so much to learn!

Anonymous said...

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