Friday, April 22, 2011

Ready to Go!

I think I have fought off the cold that was trying to attack me.  It took a bunch of echinacea, buckets of fresh juice and homemade soup, but I think I am in the clear ...


I am sure that egg in a hole can help fend off viruses too ... right?

I packed some homeopathic cold and flu pills and some vitamins/herbs, just in case I need them.

I am officially on holidays until May 2nd, and it feels so good!!    
I went out for lunch with colleagues yesterday and enjoyed a perogy stromboli.

After work yesterday I went on a quick road trip to visit my mom.  I wanted to see her before leaving for NY.  The hubby and I ate bars to hold us over until dinner, which we had on our way home around 10 pm.

Today was spent packing, cleaning house, and google mapping places in NY.  

This evening we are going out for dinner with some friends that are coming into town just as we are about to head out.  We are meeting them for tapas at La Bodega.

Do/did you have Good Friday off?  What did you spend the day doing? 
What are your plans for Easter?


lynn said...

ah ha it's good friday - that's why it's been crazy everywhere!!!

lauri ( said...

LOVE 'egg in a hole' for breakfast!! I need to make that again ASAP! Glad you are feeling better!

kristine said...

YAY, glad you are feeling good again!

Whats your fav. juice combo?

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with soup lately... you'd think I'd be craving cooler foods like salad but nope, my body still thinks it's winter! I had today off to and I've been spending it in airports on my way to San Fran... hope you have a great Easter weekend and an even better trip to NYC!!

Kacy said...

I didn't have it off, but I had a great Friday evening shopping with my Mom. Have a safe trip!