Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wheat Grass

It's what's for breakfast.

I bought this lovely stuff yesterday and thought I would try it out with my breakfast.

I threw the following into my Vita-Mix:

- 1 apple
- 1 orange
- 1/2 banana
- 3 kiwi
- 1 couple tablespoons of wheat grass (I just cut it off)

4-5 fruits for breakfast. Not bad.
It tasted just like kiwi!!

I also had a glo-bar with my coffee on the way to work:

I picked up some sukiyaki beef from Edo Japan for lunch (Beef on top of veggies, and rice):

I also had 1/2 cup of yogurt, with 1/2 cup of strawberries and 1 T granola.

Dinner was full of spinach!

I had a spinach salad, as well as some spinach pizza:

(Dr. Oetker frozen spinach pizza)

Dessert was a spoonful of PB&Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams:

This evening the hubby and I listened to some excellent live music at Starbucks. Fox Elipsus was playing, and he was great!! I had a skinny latte while enjoying the performance. He is touring Canada now, and all his shows are free. He sleeps in his car, and lives off of CD sales. If you get a chance to check him out now in Canada, or later on this year in the US, you should!

What is the best live show you have ever seen? Do you go to a lot of concerts? Do you prefer to sit, or stand? Do you mosh :-)?

One of my faves was Alverstone, a band that opened for Mariana's Trench at the Distrikt in Regina. They were incredible, and I hope to see them again very soon.


Anonymous said...

Is the vitamix THAT good??Why does everyone want one? Maybe I haven't seen their commercials? :) I love going to concerts but I usually just stand. The best live show has to be Justin Timberlake...I saw him in VEGASSS. It was a definitely a graduation treat when I went!

Simply Life said...

wow I've never heard of wheat grass - thanks for teaching me! :)

Alanna said...

I have two shows that stand out as the best i've ever seen, Feist and Sarah Slean. Both have such beautiful voices live.

I used to go to so so many local shows/concerts. I threw a lot of money into the local scene :) Even moshed some in my day haha

Anonymous said...

Best live show was Elton John, hands down. That man can rock!

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday said...

Never heard of Alverstone. I'll have to give them a listen. I do like Marianas Trench.

My favourite concert was probably The Weakerthans when they toured after releasing Reunion Tour.

Toni @ Imperfect Pregnancy said...

Your morning smoothie sounds amazing. I need to get me a Vita-Mix... soon as we pay off our student loans.

Favorite live performance was Jewel--mostly because of where I was at in life. She really spoke to me and it was just her and her acoustic guitar, nothing else. And no, I do not mosh - lol.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I have yet to try wheat grass. It sounds interesting though! Great meals throughout the day!

Kat said...

Wheat grass can be gross...but you sure found a way to make it super yummy!
I have only been to mostly Christian Concerts...and Jeremy Camp is BY FAR the best...his energy, talent and love for Jesus just makes me smile the entire time!!

Anonymous said...

had to come by and say hi cuz i noticed on a comment that you teach grade 8-i teach grade 7! so nice to meet another teacher!

kacy said...

I love live music! Sounds fun!

Wheat grass is so good juiced! It's so sweet and earthy.

leah noelle said...

hey, where did you buy the wheatgrass?? I want to get some.

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

I've only been to a few concerts in my entire life, which is slightly sad. I have however been to a live comedy show but the name of the comedian completely just left me... and it was HILARIOUS!!
I know wheat grass is SO good for you but it scares me!

Kelsey Ann said...

oh Edo Japan is fabulous <3 best food court food!

last concert i went to was three days grace and i ended up being trapped in a mosh! NOT COOL! almost got really glad i went with my older brother who pulled me out of there! scary scary times...

T. Leah said...

That pizza looks amazing for a frozen variety. Did you order the PB & Co? I would love to try some. Any ideas where I can get it?

I LOVE live music! I used to see a show at least once a week since I was about 15. I have slowed down a lot now, and maybe saw a handful of shows within the past few years. I used to love Bif Naked's performances - and I think I have seen her 50+ times (I'm not kidding at all). I have kind of lost interest in her music though - I guess everyone grows up and changes.

The BEST concert I have ever seen... don't laugh... Judas Priest! It was pretty darn amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've been to one concert my whole life. AC DC's Stiff Upper Lip. I loved it but never would have paid for it. My buddy got 2 tickets from his sister who worked for the Ottawa Sens.