Friday, May 28, 2010

Coconut Curry Chicken Fingers

A berry green smoothie is a great way to start the morning!

(1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 2 packs berry flavoured amazing grass, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 1/2 banana, 1 T almond butter).

I also had half of a glo-bar:

Lunch was a hamburger, a cheese stick and an orange. I also snacked on 3 pieces of watermelon, a chocolate chip cookie, and a freezie today.

Dinner was coconut curry chicken fingers with mac and cheese!

Coconut Curry Chicken Fingers

- 1 cup coconut milk
- 3/4 cup unsweetened almond breeze (or regular milk)
- 1.5 T of red curry paste
- 3/4 cup Panko breadcrumbs
- 3/4 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut
- 2 large chicken breasts cut into strips

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
Mix the first 3 ingredients together in a shallow dish.
Mix the next 2 ingredients in another shallow dish.
Dip the chicken into the wet mixture, then dry, then lay on a baking dish in a single layer.

Bake for approximately 20 minutes (use thermometer to test for doneness).

This evening I prepped breakfast for tomorrow morning - I am so excited for it!!!! You will have to wait and see!!!!

What is one recipe you have been wanting to make forever, but just haven't gotten around to making?

You will see mine tomorrow ... I finally made it!


Kelsey Ann said...

i love the idea of curry coconut fingers! that sounds awesome!

omg i have SO many recipes.. especially for a breakfast cookie and bar :) YUM

Simply Life said...

I really have been wanting to give making my own pasta sauce another try! Maybe it will be a goal for June? :)

Becca said...

OMG, there are so many recipes I've been wanting to make, and haven't. And can you believe I can't think of a single one here? No no wait.. okay, it's flooding into my brain now: Couscous, Italian wedding soup, meringue, berry pie, etc. etc. etc.

Unknown said...

mm ilove anything coconuty ;P

eatmovelove said...

Great recipe and pic!! I've never seen Panko crumbs before??
I want that mac and cheese though haha :)

Make breakfast the night before...oh I wish I were you...I always eat so much the night before and am so full that I'd rather not prep breakfast until I wake up ;) I suck.

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Those chicken fingers sound good!
I've been wanting to make Banana soft serve but I'n not sure my blender is up to it..

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said...

right now that smoothie looks so good to me! There are sooo many recipes that I want to try that I don't even know where to begin.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I have so many recipes that I've bookmarked but haven't gotten around to! A lot of them are desserts because I desperately want to be a baker but don't actually enjoy baking all that much...whoops!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

pretty much anything on gena of choosing raw's site, espi her dressings. i just need to have a dressing day party :)

Anonymous said...

Seems simple enough for even me to make sometime :-) Banana soft serve is something I keep putting off trying. I mean I love ice cream and bananas so what am I waiting for?!

Alanna said...

oh my gosh! YUM
I have to make that ASAP!

Kacy said...

Gosh there are so many! I need to just start cooking again!

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Omg...... these sound amazing!!! How I can't wait to get home to start cooking for myself again!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love all things coconut but glenn hates coconut. :( Everything that I've been wanting to make has been sitting on my "to do" list for ages!! traveling plus work has really put a damper in the foodie in me. :(