Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creme Brulee French Toast & Race Tomorrow!


reme Brulee French Toast
- my breakfast was as sinful as it sounds.

Click here for the recipe.

I have been wanting to make this French toast since I first saw it on Jessica's blog back in December. I finally got around to it, and I am I ever glad I did!

This afternoon the hubby and I went to the Cathedral Arts Festival in our city. It was pouring rain, so it wasn't as great as it could have been. We had a small plate of Thai food for lunch:

This evening my sister and I took my dad out to celebrate his birthday. He will be 69 years old tomorrow!! We went to the Creek Bistro. I had a single slice of bread to start, and then the beef, and horseradish potatoes for dinner. It was fantastic!

When I got home from dinner, the hubby asked me to make him my "Apple Juliet" from the other night. He had tried a sip, and thought it was so good, so he wanted one for himself tonight. I made us each one, but I switched it up a bit:

Apple Juliet Remixed
(serves 2)

- 3 strawberries
- 2 apples
- 1 orange
- 3 apricots
- 3/4 cup water
- 6 ice cubes
- 12 drops vanilla stevia (liquid)

Remove stems and cores from all fruit (leave skin on).
Mix everything in the VitaMix or other powerful blender until perfectly smooth.

Don't have liquid vanilla stevia?

Stay tuned for my GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT Monday night!!!!!

Tomorrow morning I am "running" a 5K.
I use the term "running" loosely. I was doing the C25K training plan, but stopped halfway through on April 27th. I haven't gone for any type of run or jog in over a month - yikes! I had a terrible run on April 27th, and then the weather started getting crappy (snow) and things got busy with my mom being in the hospital, and I never made time for training. It is supposed to be COLD tomorrow (5 C) with rain, but I plan on doing the race anyway, and just doing it for fun! I will run when I feel like it, and walk when I feel like it. I have no time in mind, I just want to do my best.

Have you ever done a 5K? How long did it take you?


Amber said...

Good luck tomorrow! Go out with the goal to HAVE FUN, that's the only one that matters anyways :P

Kelsey Ann said...

i totally can just taste how amazing that was. only you could be so talented enough to make something so droolable!

oOo giveaways!

hey maybe u'll suprise urself and get a really good time tomorrow! its crazy cuz i remember some of my best times were when i wasent training- so weird!! so who knows. best of luck and i hope the weather isnt too bad. yea my grandma was saying the weather is nothing but depressing there.. awe lol

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I had creme brulee french toast once at a restaurant and instantly fell in love. I have yet to make it though. It sounds completely dangerous!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I hope your race goes well! I think your attitude of just having fun and doing whatever feels comfortable for your body is a great one. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the 5k. Didn't realize you hadn't run in a month! Your goal should be to enjoy it and maybe you'll come away with a desire to continue the running...maybe :-)

I've only run 1 HM before. Unofficial 5k time while training was 28:xx(can't remember exactly)

Lindsay @ said...

You're going to do great! All that matters is if you enjoy doing it!

Unknown said...

breakfast of champions. phenomenal.

i do 5k's in my time, but never for an actual race

Becca said...

Apple Juliet Remixed looks fab! I need to buy myself a blender and start mixing up some yummy cold drinks for the hot weather.

Jocelyn said...

Your breakfast looks divine ;) I would totally be up for that sinful meal!

GOod luck on the race! just enjoy getting out there!

T. Leah said...

Good luck at your race! I bet you will do great and feel amazing once it's done!

I have never done an actual 5K, but it's something that I aspire to. Right now you are my inspiration to get back to running and try it for myself.

I can't wait to hear how it went!

Simply Life said...

wow ,DELICIOUS meals!

Anonymous said...

I am still too chicken to do a 5k...glenn's been pushing me to do one with him...I'm scareeddd jolene!

Kacy said...

Ohmygosh... that french toast. Incredible!

I hope the 5K went well :)