Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shower and Bachelorette Party!!!!!

Yesterday was the most BEAUTIFUL day!! I woke up bright and early and enjoyed a whole wheat waffle with 1/2 a banana and syrup to dip:

I then packed a lunch (1 turkey sandwich, 1 glo-bar, and another granola bar) for a long day out at the Badlands with my class. We had a GREAT time!!!!

I love field trips :-)

Dinner yesterday was lazy man lasagna (done in the slow cooker - recipe from The BIG Cook):

With an orange for dessert:

This morning I ate some oatmeal and 2 eggs:

A big breakfast to keep my fueled until my friend's bridal shower at 2:00.

At the bridal shower I nibbled on some food, and had a glass or two of punch:

This evening is the Bachelor and Bachelorette party!! The hubby is already gone to the bachelor party. He made the cake all by himself this afternoon.

I think he did a great job!!!!!

I am getting ready to head out with the girls now.

I am enjoying this lovely guy while getting ready:

How are you spending your Saturday?


eatmovelove said...

That cake is to die for! Wow -yay him! Love that lasagna...mmmm noodles...and sauce...
My saturday?! Laziness followed by more of that followed by extreme stress and anxiety about work and everything...followed by chocolate and pizza...;) i suck ...and i don't care ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow nice job on the cake! Enjoy the BP!

Simply Life said...

wow, that is an impressive cake!!!

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! You hubby made that? I guess he's a foodie too? Anyways I love lime flavored delish! Hope you survived the bp..I'll be at work!

Kat said...

Wow what an awesome looking fieldtrip.
And I must say..your hubby has made cake decorating skills!!
My saturday was spent waiting for my hubby to come home from his karate test, then watching the Galaxy game :)

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Wow, your husband is amazing at making cakes! So cool!

T. Leah said...

Such a great cake! That is pretty impressive.

I love going to the badlands!! I was even considering going to Drumheller or somewhere around there to camp this summer.

Becca said...

Love the pictures as always!

Anonymous said...

Impressive cake!! Your hubby is creative! Hope you had a BLAST!!

Anonymous said...

I live miller chill! My boyfriend makes fun of me for it!

Anonymous said...

omg what an exciting time you've been having! i love showers, fun fun. wow that cake is awesome, the groom-to-be sounds like a keeper if only just for his baking skills.

sophia said...

The time difference is funny...haha, it's already Monday here! On Sat, I spent most of my time traveling to Singapore!

That is some awesome cake! The husband is quite amazing!

Kacy said...

I love the sound of that lazy lasagna!

Sounds like a fun party :)

Amber said...

Your hubby made that cake? WOW that is SO awesome!!!!