Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Reasons why I am Happy:

(1) Tomorrow is the last day of class for the semester.
(2) The snow is starting to melt.
(3) Tomorrow is the hubby's 30th birthday (and I can bug him because I am only 28).
(4) We will be in NY in less than 3 weeks.
(5) We booked a trip to Vegas for September.

Eats for today:

(1) Smoothie: 1 c almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blackberries, wheat grass
(2) 1 egg

(1) Edamame
(2) Orange

(1) Halibut
(2) Asparagus

(1) Pear
(2) 2 ounces of imitation crab with a few crackers

Tell me some reasons why you are happy!
Are you a list maker?  What types of things do you usually make lists about/for?


sophia said...

I'm not happy! You know why?! Because you are going to Vegas...and 5 hours AWAY from me! Ah, so close yet soo far away...but haha, who can say no to Vegas? Not even my pastor dad! ;-)

Glad you're feeling happy..that actually does make me happy too. :-)

Simply Life said...

oh that is a lot of fun things- is NY for vacation?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy 30th bday to your husband! Are you having a party for him? How fun! Tell him I say welcome to the club. :)

I adore lists. I make them all the time. Grocery lists. To do list. People to call or send cards to lists. I almost need a list for my lists. ;)

And the thing that is making me happy is that the snow is melting here, too, and winter appears to be behind us... I hope...

Anonymous said...

so excited for your new york trip!! I wish you had booked it for the week after so you could have gone to my wedding!! Either way, I hope you guys book a trip to Denver to go skiing this winter! :)

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

I am THE list maker. I usually have multiple ones going and I love checking things off! Happy early birthday to your hubs!

Anonymous said...

Great post! In 1.5 weeks, I will be done half marathon training! In 2.5 weeks I will be in San Francisco! Our snow is gone, the weather is warming up and I've already walked to work twice. Fresh air makes me so, so, so happy!!

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

Vegas! So fun! Andy and I go once or twice a year. We love it there.

I'm happy because spring break is in 3 weeks.

Rachel @ Rachel's Recipe Reviews said...

I gave my hubby such a hard time when he turned 30 too. I was only 27. I'm not a fish fan, but that halibut looks so good!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy because it's almost the weekend!

Happy almost birthday to your hubby!

Unknown said...

I make lists for a whole ton of things - budgets, grocery lists, blog post ideas, songs to download, errands to run...pretty much anything! Have fun on the trip btw!

Anonymous said...

Are you on a diet? Why the food limits?

I love your list! Happy BDAY to the Hubby. And to NY? For a trip? How exciting...and Vegas! Eek - my dreams...maybe when I'm 60? ;)

Crystal said...

Reasons why I am happy:
1. I went on a date today with my boyfriend.
2. I randomly threw stuff into my juicer and it tasted good
3. I now have tons of energy from my juice!
4. I'm going to run a bubble bath tonight! :)

I usually make lists for things I have to do, and for groceries to buy. It calms me down when I have a plan.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Baking in books - nope, LOL, no diet. Just have had a crappy appetite for a couple of days, and don't know why. I have had to force myself to eat something at each meal because I have not been hungry. That is why my eats were so minimal yesterday.

Yep - NY is for a vacation!!! Vegas is for a friend's stagette.

Kacy said...

I love lists! I'm happy because I get to go home today!
Yay for NYC and Vegas. Jealous!

Unknown said...

I am happy that I can check off two more grad classes off my list!!!

Now I have more time to do all the things I love...catching up on blog reading, tv shows and writing on my blog again!

Lauri (RedHeadRecipes.com) said...

VEGAS!!!! Hope y'all have a BLAST!! I'm happy because I LOVE my job, my husband, and my Dog!! What else could a girl ask for :)