Monday, April 8, 2013

Hotel Room Picnics

We did a lot of walking in New Orleans, and sometimes we just needed a little break in the room, perhaps for a nap, maybe to blog ... but almost always to eat.

One day for a snacky lunch we picked up some fried chicken from Brothers.  We were told by an old guy that lived in NOLA that this place has the best fried chicken, and it's where the locals go.  That was all the information we needed.


It is only take-out, so we brought it back to the room to enjoy.  
Maaaan was it good!


Most of the hotel room picnics were late night snacks after a long evening of music, dancing, and meeting new friends.


*I'd like to apologize to Omni Royal hotel for the crumbs, tomato sauce stains, and probably grease that may or may not have resulted from our hotel room picnics.  You should be proud though - you do take the cake for the most comfortable bed around.

Speaking of cake ...

Ummmm ... I blame the bourbon.


Simply Life said...

sounds like a fun trip!

Kacy said...

Nothing better than eating in bed in a hotel. I never do it at home so it feels like I'm getting away with something.

Why am I here??? said...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love eating out on vacations, but it is really nice to have a little hotel room picnic, too. Sounds like you found some good take out eats. That chicken looks delicious!