Sunday, June 16, 2019

Local & Fresh

Someone recently told me about a newer store in town, Local & Fresh

Local & Fresh sells a variety of locally-made grocery items and other products, all out of one place.  Christopher and I try to support local businesses as much as we can, so this will be a regular stop for us from now on.

They are located on 1377 Hamilton Street, in a gorgeous old building, and there is more to come in this space!  There will soon be pop up restaurants with local chefs!  We cannot wait.

You can buy veggies, dairy, eggs, meats, baking, supplies for baking, grains, condiments, spices, desserts, etc. all from this store, and all made close to home.

This was our first haul from Local & Fresh:

We bought:

Bacon from Pine View Farms
Sourdough Bread from Lockwood Sourdough
Haskap Berries from Northern Lights Orchards
Kimchi from Baechu Kimchi
Frozen Saskatoon Berries from Prairie Berries
Frozen Pizza Dough from KOKO Patisserie
Cottage Cheese, Potato and Dill Perogies from Kathy's Kitchen
Edible Cookie Dough from Go Big Treats
Kombucha from Crave Kombucha
Free Run Eggs from Gold Egg

The parmesan, black pepper and thyme sourdough bread was absolutely fantastic.  We ate it toasted for the past few days.  This bread alone is worth the trip to Local & Fresh!

I'm so happy that as our city grows, we can support so many more awesome businesses, owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.

Are there any locally made grocery items that you buy regularly?

Monday, June 10, 2019


After work on Friday we drove to Saskatoon to spend time with my mom.  After a late Indian dinner at Spicy Bite, we crashed at our hotel.

Saturday morning breakfast at Grainfields:

We don't have to open the menu, as we order the exact same thing every time.  I always have the pico de gallo omelette, with the pancakes on a separate plate.  Christopher has the traditional breakfast with shredded hash browns, scrambled eggs, rye toast, and bacon.  Mmmm!

After breakfast we went to my mom's care home for the day.  We ran out to grab her perogies for lunch, and Christopher and I got a snack to share:

That evening we had a late dinner at La Bamba Cafe.

Our Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday - breakfast at Grainfields, then time with my mom.

On Sunday evening we made burgers and salad:

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday Things

After doing our Spring cleaning on the weekend, we had a bunch of stuff in the garage to haul away, so Christopher and his dad took care of that yesterday evening. 

While they were out, I worked on making dinner - meatballs with chimichurri sauce, Greek pasta salad, and a spinach salad:

We're growing a bunch of herbs (both inside and outside), so I will be making a lot of chimichurri this summer.  I love how many herbs we can consume using them in this way #micronutrients, and I also happen to think it tastes amazing.  You can find my recipe for chimichurri here.

Look what we found in the salad dressing aisle of the grocery store!

Before my darling devoured the whole bag as a snack, I tucked them away in the cupboard. 

I wasn't trying to deprive him of snacks, but I knew they would taste great on shrimp tacos:

They added a satisfying crunch and a nice bit of heat.  We also put sour cream, purple cabbage, avocado, tomato, and onion on the tacos, with the tequila shrimp that Christopher cooked up.

My next plan for these is to put them on Velveeta cheeseburgers

Do you like jalapenos?  
What would you make with crispy jalapenos?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Cooking and Cleaning

Last week we went out for dinner to Rotisserie, to celebrate my dad's 78th birthday

Another day we had escargot in the backyard after work, and then made lobster tails with baked potato and salad:

And one evening we had tofu steaks with grilled zucchini and corn:

It has been so incredibly hot outside, so we've been getting out as much as we can.  A few days ago I whipped up a white bean hummus, and we had a snack outside after work. 

On Friday after work we ate a quick Velveeta mac and cheese, with bacon and jalapenos:

And then we got to work on cleaning the house.  Mosaic (a cultural festival) was happening in our city on the weekend, and normally we'd go with friends, but this year we decided to be responsible, and stay home to do a major Spring clean.  We got through the kitchen, bedroom, and garage, and purged a lot of junk, scrubbed, and organized.  They were big jobs, but it feels so good to have them done before summer.  There are still a few more spaces we want to tackle in the coming weeks.

Before cleaning on Saturday, we had breakfast, and ran out to the farmer's market.

By about 8:00 p.m. we were completely wiped, and had no desire to cook, so we ordered in Thai food and watched Bird Box.

Breakfast in the morning:

On Sunday evening Christopher's parents had us over for dinner.  We enjoyed a few snacks on the deck, including these delicious feta watermelon bites:

Then we moved inside for lamb, potatoes, tomato salad, and zucchini with tomatoes:


Lemon meringue pie for dessert:

Yesterday Christopher grilled dinner, while I was inside making noodles for our lunches.

He grilled eggplant steaks, asparagus, and mushrooms with halloumi cheese:

Tonight we grilled chicken breasts, and had those over large salads:

How was your weekend?  Is it hot where you are?  Did you do any Spring cleaning, or do you have any that you hope to get done?

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Food Products Finds

A couple weekends ago we went out to some smaller food shops within Regina, and ended up having a lot of luck stumbling upon foods that we weren't expecting to find.  We started at the Farmers' Market, where we found everything we were there for, including edible flowers.

Then we went to check out a gorgeous bakery - Queen City Cakes.

I was so excited to see that they sell butterfly pea flowers!  These were something I forgot to bring home from Thailand, and I figured I'd have to order online.  They are used in making an all-natural blue food colouring.  I have plans for them ...

Of course we couldn't leave without taking a few goodies to-go:

If you're ever needing a cake for a special occasion within Regina, check out Queen City Cakes!  They have excellent customer service, and the cakes are stunning.

Next we went to Tony's India Food Centre.  We were pleased to see that they had fresh scotch bonnet peppers, which are difficult to find in the city, and they also had dried ghost peppers.

Christopher neeeeds these extremely hot peppers, and we can never find them fresh.  Even though he makes his own hot sauce, we also picked up this Trinidad scorpion sauce, because it sounded good.

It's tasty, and really spicy!

We were shocked to see that the India Food Centre also had these fried mung beans, which was another ingredient we used in Thailand, but we never, ever thought we'd find in our city.

I was pretty pumped, as I figured we'd have to sub a completely different ingredient in for these.

Finally we hit the Italian Star Deli.  We were picking up burrata, but ended up finding mini lasagna-like noodles that I have been wanting to cook with.

It was a day full of foodie surprises!

We love supporting smaller, local shops, and they are great for finding rare and unique ingredients.  A favourite of ours is Takeaway Gourmet.  It is the place to buy cheese, charcuterie, gorgeously prepared cheese boards, condiments, etc.  Before any celebration, dinner party, or even weekend, we usually make a stop at Takeaway Gourmet; it's a must-do.

Oooooh, and look what we found in a grocery store in Edmonton!!!!!

If we were looking for a reason to go back to Edmonton, we found it.

Dear Lays,

Please sell all the flavours everywhere.  
Seriously though, be cool.


Everyday Foodie 

Do you shop at any smaller food stores in your city?
What is your favourite local, specialty food shop? 
Are there any foods you have a tough time finding in your city?

Monday, May 27, 2019

Eats of May

This month we've been on the go a lot.  We had a weekend in Saskatoon, a weekend of family dinners, and then a weekend in Edmonton.  During the weeknights we've kept ourselves busy buying and planting flowers:

And doing some cooking:


One evening the majority of our dinner was this gorgeous loaf of beet sourdough bread, that Christopher's aunt got us:


Another night we had a super satisfying veggie dinner, including potato, asparagus, and spaghetti squash:

An easy dinner on a busy evening was fish (the frozen battered kind) and curly fries:

A green smoothie to drink for some added nutrients ...

We tried a new recipe for ginger meatballs in a coconut broth:

We'll make the meatballs again for sure, but we'll invent our own sauce, as we'd like the flavours to be a bit stronger.  It was really good though!

One night we made Thai larb with lettuce wraps:

And another day chicken with a lemon thyme cream sauce:

This past weekend we went out for dinner with Christopher's brother and his wife, and enjoyed catching up over sushi

We also had fun at our friends' daughter's first birthday party 💛

Breakfasts lately have included smoked salmon toast:

Veggies and fruit:

A cheese and green onion omelet, with a bit of overnight oats:

A skillet full of veggies, egg, and cheese:

Oatmeal with fruit:

And yogurt with fruit:

It has been so beautiful out, so we have spent a bit of time sitting in the yard, and plan to do a lot more of that this week.

Last night we sat outside while grilling cedar plank salmon, sweet potato, and asparagus.

It was so lovely listening to the birds chirping, and smelling the fresh air.  After how long our winter felt, we are really appreciating the chance to be outside, and we want to spend as much time in the outdoors as we can this summer.

I had a summery breakfast this morning; along with a one-egg cheese and onion omelet, I also had a bowl of ice cream!

It's healthy ice cream, made with only a frozen banana, frozen blueberries, and coconut milk.  I put a sprinkle of cacao nibs on top - a delicious start to the morning.

Tonight Christopher is making dak galbi, so I am off to eat that!

Have a fabulous week everyone.

What have you been cooking/ eating lately?  
Did you plant any flowers this year?