Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1)  We might have eaten an entire back of ripple chips and all of the dip in one sitting. 

'Tis the season!

2)  We made and jarred some kimchi recently.  Yum yum!

3)  If that's not "cabbagy" enough, we also cooked up some cabbage rolls.

4)  I absolutely loved this article I don't know about 12 kids ... but I think the parents did a great job! 

5)  We took my dad out for dinner this evening, just because.  We had a nice visit, and some laughs!

6)  The weather has been beautiful the past couple of weeks, which is amazing for Regina in December.  It's also been making Christopher's long delivery days a little better than usual for this time of year.  Regardless of how long his days have been, he still got up early on Saturday and made our breakfast :-)

7)  Homemade perogies with sausage made a great meal recently, and even better leftovers for lunch.

8)  We are so ridiculously excited to skip town for Christmas and see what Vegas holds for us! 

9)  After our dinner guests on Saturday, and our brunch guests on Sunday, we had more guests!  Yay!  We love our family!  My dad, and our favourite little guy came over for coffee and dessert, since they were out and about together that day.  Our nephew is one sweet kid!  I love that he's still snugly with me, and I sure hope he never grows out of it.  Christopher's looking forward to teaching him some drumming in 2015, now that the little guy is just the right height.

10)  There is a new Pho place in town called Pho Milu.  We shared the spicy beef soup the other day.  It was decent, but not the best Pho we've ever had.

What are your Tuesday things?
How is your week starting out?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Breakfast

On Sunday morning Christopher's parents came over for breakfast. 

We had breakfast skillets with potatoes, bacon, veggies, cheese, fresh herbs, and egg.

On the side, we had a bit of toasted homemade bread, fruit (kiwi, strawberries, dragon fruit), and a shot glass smoothie.

We sipped on cranberry mimosas (and coffee of course).

The food was good, but the company was even better!  We love hanging out with our parents!

Will you be seeing all your family this Christmas?

Ten Thousand Villages: A Great Place for Gifts

I've always loved shopping at Ten Thousand Villages.  They are the largest and oldest fair trade organization in North America, selling food products, personal items, home decor, and gift items.  Also, they are a non-profit organization.  I bought a great book called "If the World Were a Village" while we were at this store in Montreal in August. 

The kind people from Ten Thousand Villages offered to send me a few products to try this holiday season.  One was Zatoun extra virgin olive oil made in Palestine.

This oil is very flavourful, and was great in the hummus that we made on the weekend.

They also sent a little dish that is really pretty, and would be perfect for displaying Christmas chocolates.  It is a crackle glaze square plate, made in Vietnam.  It is available for $12.

The other product we tried was Za'atar, a beautiful spice mixture that is perfect on our morning breakfast potatoes.  It's also great in the olive oil as a dip for bread, or sprinkled over a salad.

It is a mixture of thyme, roasted sesame seeds, sumac and sea salt.  You can buy the spice mixture alone for $6, the olive oil for $20, and they are purchases you can feel good about, knowing that the men and women of Palestine are getting a fair dollar for their products. 

Have you ever shopped at Ten Thousand Villages?
Do you have one of these stores near you?

*Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided to me free of charge.  All opinions are my own.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family Dinner

On Friday night we went out for my work Christmas party.  We were out late, but up early to bake and cookLast night we had Steve and Mel over for dinner; we've been trying to get together with Christopher's entire family this month, as we'll be missing family Christmas this year.

We started with some appetizers, including shrimp fresh rolls:


And some cheesy snacks:

Next up was hot and sour soup:

The main course was an Asian noodle dish:

We had a couple desserts, including double chocolate merlot cookies:

And pumpkin gingerbread with spiced butter cream:

It was a wonderful evening!  Before bed we set the table for the breakfast guests we had this morning - post to come soon!

How was your weekend?
What did you do?

Circulon Prime Collection

I was pretty excited when the people from Circulon offered to send me a piece from their new Prime collection; I opted for a skillet, because we could use a new one.  This skillet was provided to me free of charge, but all opinions are my own.

It features a total non-stick system with three coats of premium non-stick coating (PFOA free), requiring little to no oil for cooking.  It is metal utensil, oven, induction, and dishwasher safe, and has a lifetime guarantee.

One of our favourite things about this pan is it's weight - it's quite heavy, but very comfortable to hold.  We also love that it can go from the stove to the oven, and that we can put it in the dishwasher, without damaging the non-stick coating.

It is really easy to clean too, as absolutely NOTHING sticks to it. 

We are very happy with our new skillet!!

What's piece of cookware do you use most often?   
Skillet?  Dutch oven?  Sauce pan?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Wish List

I've never done a Christmas wish list on my blog before, but I've enjoyed reading those of other bloggers, and since we're basically skipping Christmas this year, I'd thought I'd share some things I have my eye on; maybe I'll treat myself to one or two of these things in the new year (if I've been good).

1)  MAC Rebel lipstick (colour: plum dandy)

2)  A cutting board shaped like New York State (and maybe a Louisiana one too; I'm envisioning appies at a New Orleans themed dinner party)

3)  Cookie Scoops (I could use both sizes)

4)  Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

5)  Prada Candy Rollerball (for travel)

6)  Square Post-It brand sticky notes (I bought a dispenser for these for work, but it only works with Post-It brand sticky notes, so I've never used it)

7)  Pretty candles from Chapters/Indigo, like these two:

8)  Good dark brown eyeliner (liquid) and good black eyeliner (liquid)

We don't really do much shopping during the year, because there is nothing that we need.  These are things that I wouldn't regularly buy for myself.  There are some things that we do need for the home, and we plan on shopping for those in the new year, including new sheets, pillows, and a few industrial baking pans.  We just might need a few more CDs for our collection too!  We'll see what kind of deals we can get in January.

What is on your wishlist this year?
Do you have a lot of gift shopping to do?

(We drew names with my family, but not with Christopher's, so we don't have much shopping to do this year)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dining in Indian Head

Yesterday afternoon we grabbed coffees and headed out on the highway to Indian Head, where Christopher's sister Vicki and her husband Will live (they're converting an old church into a house).

We visited and spent a couple hours making perogies.

They surprised us with some little gifts - how thoughtful!

Dinner was shabu shabu.  You start with a pot of seasoned broth, and cook meat, seafood, and veggies in it, eating a bit at a time (similar to fondue).

Then, after all the food has been cooked, and the broth is even more flavourful, you add noodles.  The noodles thicken the broth, and they taste amazing!  You can eat them alone, or have it like a soup.

We both had to make a conscious effort to stop eating the flavourful noodles, as we could have seriously gone on forever. 

We had such a wonderful afternoon and evening with these two - we love them to pieces!  It was a fantastic way to end off a great weekend.

How was your weekend?
What did you do?