Sunday, August 18, 2019

Last Week's Eats

Last Sunday morning I made a frittata for breakfast:

The rest of the day was mostly spent in the backyard.  Christopher was smoking jerk chicken, and we sat outside enjoying the delicious smell while reading books, listening to tunes, and soaking in the glorious sunshine.

He also threw some Thai skewers into the smoker for me, and then finished them on the BBQ for a couple minutes when he finished the chicken.

I wanted something different for my weekday breakfasts, so along with the Thai skewers, we made a batch of Thai sticky rice, and I had that for a few days, with peanut sauce for dipping.

We ate leftovers for lunch a couple of days last week.  Another day I made a bison calzone:

And one day Christopher and I met up for Chinese food:

Suppers included the jerk chicken on Sunday night, which we had with coconut rice and corn:


You can find the recipe here.

We grilled wild boar meatballs one night, and had those with rice, chimichurri sauce, and mushrooms with halloumi cheese.

Dinner another evening was bee bim bop.  Our basic recipe for bee bim bop is here.

Dessert for the week was a banana cream pie.

We spent the weekend in Saskatoon visiting my mom 💜

What have you been cooking lately?
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dinner with Friends

On Saturday evening we went over to our friends' Colin and Erica's house for dinner.  When we walked into the yard, we were immediately hit with the most amazing smell coming from their smoker.


Colin has had his smoker for a while, so he is a good resource for Christopher who has just started playing with a smoker recently.

We visited while snacking on broccoli with dip, and cornbread.

Dinner included incredible, perfectly cooked diablo shrimp:

They had quite the kick 🔥, and both Christopher and I absolutely loved them.  We are suckers for spice!!

We enjoyed the shrimp alongside smoky ribs and corn on the cob.

Key lime pie for dessert:

What a great meal!  We always have delicious food, and a wonderful time when we go over to Colin and Erica's. 

How is your week going?  
How much heat can you handle in your food?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Week of Camping

We spent all of last week camping in Manitoba, at Riding Mountain National Park (Clear Lake) in the Wasagaming Campground.


The day before we left, we went to the park for our darling niece Remi's 3rd birthday.

We played in the park, and enjoyed hot dogs, sausage, sides, and cake, served up by my brother and Jessie.

After the party, we went home to pack most things into the car (other than propane and coolers), so we could take off right when Christopher was home from work the next day. 

On the day we were leaving I baked chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal bars to take along and share, as our friends were going to be there too! (There were 11 adults including us, and six kids.)

I'm the camper in the family, and would happily rough it, but Christopher leans more toward luxury, so our camping compromise is an oTENTik.

We've stayed in these a couple times before.  They are basically like little cabins, with a few big beds, a table, and a bench.  This one is winterized, so it also had a wood-burning stove.  That's it for inside.

Outside there is a picnic table, BBQ with tools, and a fire pit.

Our pals were about three streets away, as they all stayed in the camper/ trailer area.  We'd consider renting one of those some time, but we really like the oTENTiks, as they are so easy.

The weather was great for the whole week, but it got cooler at night.  We didn't sleep well on this trip unfortunately, and were often up tossing and turning, so we ended up sleeping in each day.  Usually we were making breakfast around 11:00, and sometimes later.


A couple of mornings we went out for breakfast to one of the restaurants.

Once we were done eating, and the dishes were done, we'd usually sit and read while waiting for the showers to become available (they were usually being cleaned at this time).

After we both showered it was usually around 2:00.  Then we'd drive into town for ice and to pick up food for supper, and one day we grabbed this pizza for lunch:

We also made sure to stop in at my favourite bookstore/ coffee shop.

After our adventures in town, we'd make lunch if we were hungry:

And then we'd gather up some snacks, bevvies, and our chairs, and head over to our friends' site.  It was so fun to spend time with the kids, and have many snuggles and laughs.  The little ones were definitely a highlight of the trip; they are all so funny, adorable, and absolutely lovable.  We are so grateful to be a part of their lives, and watch them grow up.  Whether they were nuzzled up in uncle's arms falling asleep around the fire, making him laugh with their silliness (and vice versa), singing and dancing with us on the way back from walking for ice cream, or getting their hair brushed or braided by uncle or auntie, they sure put smiles on our faces.  We are truly blessed to have family and friends with the best kids ever!  We really value the time we get with all the babies and children in our lives; it's always the time with them that we later reminisce about.

After playing/ visiting for a couple of hours, we'd head back to our campsite to start on supper.

Once the dishes were done, we'd go back to sit around the fire with everyone, to visit, play, and snack on chips and s'mores.

Overall, it was a happy, successful camping trip.

We were home on Friday afternoon, and after unpacking the car, we headed straight to the backyard to kick back with some more outdoor time.

Did you do any camping this summer?  Do you plan to? 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Backyard Dinner with Friends

Last week we had our friends Matt and Alissa over for dinner.  They walked over after Christopher was home from work.

We started with some edamame dip and rice crackers, cheese and grapes, and an artichoke olive spread on homemade baguette.

Then we grilled up some marinated pork, and had banh mi tacos with spiced crema, and cucumber salad on the side.

For dessert I made a key lime pie:


A summery meal enjoyed outside with great friends - it's one of my favourite things to do when the weather is nice.  As luck would have it, we're just about to leave the house to enjoy dinner with another wonderful couple.

I don't want summer to end.

I have two more weeks of holidays, and I plan to enjoy every minute.  

How's your weekend going?  Have you dined with friends recently?  What are you looking forward to for the week ahead?