Saturday, August 6, 2011

Folk Festival Day 1

The hubby came home from work yesterday with a little gift for me.  Our anniversary was a couple weeks ago, but something he had ordered me had not arrived until yesterday due to the slow mail (aftermath of a mail strike and back to work legislation).  He creatively wrapped it with paper he had at work and surprised me with it when he got home.

The traditional gift for a 7 year anniversary is copper, so he bought me a handmade copper necklace.


I love it!

He has stuck to the traditional gifts each year, and I think it is so cute.  For our first anniversary (paper) he made me a book with a page for each anniversary where I can put a picture of us on that day, and then write about what we did, etc.. He also got me a Polaroid camera to use to take the pictures.  Each year we have kept up with this, and I think it will be something special to look through on our 25th, 50th ...

Last night we went to the first night of the Folk Festival in our city.  

We sat on a big blanket with our friends and listened to the music of:

Fred Penner!!!
Shotgun Jimmie
Cris Derksen
Etran Finatwa
Slow Down Molassas
Andrew Bird (incredible - we LOVED him)
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
KT Tunstall

It was really cool to see Fred Penner, as I watched his show every single morning when I was a little kid.  He even crawled through a log onto the stage.  Ahhhhh, memories.

There was also a very, very rare occurrence during the beautiful evening in which the Northern Lights were visible and moving gracefully in the city sky.  This never happens. 

It was a wonderful night, complete with deep fried pickles and chipotle dip.  
Can't wait to go back tonight!

Did you ever watch Fred Penner?  
What shows did you watch in the morning as a kid?  

(My favourite was Mr. Dressup)


Simply Life said...

happy anniversary! I love these thoughtful gifts!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like a fun night! And wow, your husband is a very thoughtful gift giver. Impressive!

I have never heard of Fred Penner... must be a Canadian thing! When I was a child, we would watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers in the morning.

Amber said...

That's really cute that he has stuck to the traditional gifts for each anniversary!!

I watched Fred Penner sometimes but I was more a fan of Mr. Dressup :)

Kacy said...

I loved Winnie the Pooh!

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING all your eats! A girl who knows how to eat at festivals - you stole my heart :)

Your hubby is too cute - what a beautiful gift. Enjoy your weekend.

And thank you - truly for each and every beautiful comment on my blog. You are such a thoughtful and kind-hearted person. It warms my heart...and your comments always come when I certainly need them the most...

Anonymous said...

I watched Fred Penner... though I would have gone CRAZY for KT Tunstall... I LOVE HER!!

The necklance is so unique and I bet you'll have so much fun finding cute things to wear it with that really let it stand out. What a thoughtful gift!

Allysia said...

Did you see the big chalkboards that said "before I die I want to..." and there was a blank for people to write in their answers? I loved that! And the northern lights were magical. I had to jam so I sadly missed Fred Penner but I loved KT Tunstall, I'm a big fan!

Unknown said...

Fred Penner and Mr. Dressup were my favs! I would watch Mr. Rogers to but not as much.

That gift is beautiful Jolene....what a thoughtful hubby you have!

Mom on the Run said...

That necklace is so pretty. Your husband did good! Happy Anniversary :)

Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing your husband is a romantic? So sweet.

Didn't watch Fred Penner, but I did watch The Friendly Giant, Mr. Dressup, and Sesame Street with regularity. Oh, and also Romper Room. Good times.

Made it to the Ex yesterday. Was tempted by that Colossal Onion, but got a gourmet caramel apple instead.

Anonymous said...

your hubs is so sweet. I should show glenn this post. Anyways, that festival looks so fun! I LOVE kt tunstall!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful necklace! OMG my younger brother LOVED Fred Penner! He used to make me sing the theme song while he acted like Fred. It was insane!! HAHA glad I'm not the only one who remembers him!

Madeline- Greens and Jeans said...

What a beautiful necklace! Your husband is too sweet!

Alissa Fesser said...

I love you necklace!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JOLENE AND CHRIS!!!!!!

Alissa & Matthew

Lauren's Latest said...

Fred Penner is one of my favorites! That alone takes me way back to my childhood! Love it! {Oh, and happy belated anniversary to you and your husband!}

Laural @ Being Healthier said...

aww! happy anniversary! what an amazing evening. Those fried pickles.. oh my... that is my weak spot for sure! love the traditional copper gift- pretty necklace!

oh I'm doing a giveaway on my blog!

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I love Andrew Bird. So so talented. How fun!

I love traditional anniversary gifts. I think it's romantic and fun. The idea of a photo of each anniversary is great too!