Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Last Set of Sister's Wedding Photos

Bridesmaid Shoes and Bouquet
Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dance
First Dance Together (EVER!)
My strapping nephew

Last day of August today ... hard to believe!  
This wedding was definitely a highlight of my summer.

What was the highlight of your summer?


Amber said...

Your sisters wedding looked amazing. I love your bridesmaid dresses!!!

Simply Life said...

looks like a blast! I LOVE her hair!...and you look GORGEOUS!!

The Fajdich Times said...

The bride is beautiful! Love her dress and the bridesmaid dresses! Looks like it was a wonderful event:) Have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what a beautiful bunch of people! I love their cake too.. what kind was it?

The highlight of my summer were my 2 weekend trips to Calgary. It was fun to get out of town for a bit!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Laura - the cake was a vanilla/chocolate combo with buttercream. It was good!

Anonymous said...

Your sister looks so radiant! The highlight of my summer was my vacation to the beach. It was short but it was awesome :)

Kacy said...

My whole summer was a highlight. Such a defining summer.
The wedding was so beautiful!

Laural @ Being Healthier said...

stunning! you look fantastic as did the bride! love that cake too- oh i just love wedding recaps.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The wedding looked amazing! You look gorgeous in your bridesmaid dress. And again, LOVE your sister's dress!

There were many highlights of my sumjmer, but one def highlight was hosting the Ambers last week.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God...cake :)

Your sister is gorgeous! A blonde? Different you two! And that little boy is adorable.

Highlight this summer? Well, lots of lows...but my "highlights" was simply being able to go for long walks down by the river and looking at the absolute beauty that I live in and take for that'll all change once winter hits so I need to remember it now ;)

LaMagicaZucca said...

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Steph (@MediterraneanMiss) said...

What beautiful pictures! I love the shoe shot and they way she did her hair :)

Anonymous said...

her dress is TIMELESS. The lace? the train? Just GORGEOUS. The bridemaids dresses also can be reused at other functions too!

One Healthy Apple said...

Beautiful! Your sister looked like a classic hollywood starlet and I love the bridesmaids dress- very flattering on you!