Friday, October 30, 2009

Taking it Easy Friday ...

Sorry for the lack of photos today - just wanted to do a quick and easy post and take a bit of a break from the computer tonight ... so here goes:

- Oats with pumpkin butter put in the pot while cooking. Topped with chia seeds, almond butter, and 2 walnuts.

- Tiny piece of store bought lasagna that someone brought to work to share
- 1 babybel cheese
- 1 pear

- Glo-bar

After work:
- 2 Guinness - it's Friday :-)

- 1 mojito
- 1 mini BBQ chicken pizza with a side of spinach/ strawberry salad and a poppy seed dressing on the side

I am going to take it easy tonight because tomorrow I will be getting up early for a hair appointment, and then going to get ready for Halloween!!

I am VERY jealous of my little sister right now, as she is at the AKON concert at this very moment. Not fair sister-face.

I can pretend:


Jocelyn said...

Hey girl! Hope you had a relaxing night :):) I'd love to be at an Akon concert right now too! Tres jeals! Have a great weekend!

Devan said...

akon!? tres jelous
delish eats. and enjoy your evening! and halloween!

Yelena said...

All your food today looks good. I'll just imagine it without the pictures and pretend like I'm drinking that mojito!

I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow and the doing halloween stuff!

Simply Life said...

Yes! I hope you relax and make sure you're feeling completely healthy again! The oats look great, as always! :)

Neela Marijana said...

have a great day today and enjoy halloween!
i can imagine how you feel about your sister being at the akon concert. i'd die to be there too