Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brunch with Friends

Before I forget ... last night I had a snack. I had a mini baby bell cheese and 5 crackers:

This morning I got up and got brunch ready. Our friends are in town from Calgary for thanksgiving so we invited them for brunch today. I ate a small Glo Bar while getting brunch ready, since I was up at 9:00 and we weren't eating until 11:00.

I set the table, and started putting the spread out:

Strawberries for the whole wheat waffles:

Fruit for the chocolate fondue dessert:

We made whole wheat Belgium waffles with strawberries and fresh whipped cream, bacon (duh), and mini frittatas.

I had half a waffle with strawberries/ whip cream:

And 3 mini fritattas (I went back for one more after this helping):

And about 10, 000 pieces of bacon (I took 3 to start):

Altogether now:

Our lovely friends showed up with a bottle of Champagne and some POM wonderful :-) No wonder we like these people! We made mimosas obviously.

And because it was 5:00 somewhere, I decided heck ... why not have an orange mimosa as well:

I chased it with coffee.

We finished our brunch the only logical way - with chocolate fondue.

This wonderful meal kept me stuffed all day. I spent the afternoon having tea with my dad, going to some show homes with him, and then my dad took me out for supper to Korea House where I had Bee Bim Bop (hot stone - sorry no pic - but it is the same as what I had about a week ago).

I was going to do homework tonight ...
but homework makes me want to vomit so I decided not to.


Sophia said...

WOW! What a spread! Everything looks amazing! Esp that cute!
Studying for my mid-terms makes me wanna vomit, too.
Bibimbap! haha! Was it in a hot stone bowl?

Simply Life said...

WOW, whole wheat waffles, mini fritattas (which are adorable!) and chocolate fondue - sounds like the ingredients for a perfect get-together!!!

Alanna said...

Just last week I bought my very first box of mary's crackers, I'm now an official addict. hehe

That brunch is definitely drool worthy! lovely blog!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Sophia - yep, it was!! It is definitely my favourite meal in the city :-) I am addicted!

Anonymous said...

that is a gorgeous brunch! wow!

and i'm kinda in love with your table. is that weird? i love dark wood like that.

Joy of Food said...

Brunch looks wonderful, the frittatas, bacon, the waffles oh my. I've never had a chocolate fondue before, did you melt the chocolate first and then the candle keeps it hot, or does the candle melt it? Do I sound like a total plank :)


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Eating Machine - No that's not weird ... I am in love with it too! It is the one piece of furniture that I plan on keeping forever! The hubby and I got it as a wedding gift from his parents. It reminds me of the 3 little bears story for some reason LOL :-)

Taylor - You melt the chocolate first (we put the chocolate in a small pot, and then put the small pot in a larger pot of boiling water, so that the chocolate doesn't burn). The candle keeps it melted. It is SO good!

Devan said...

i really like your blog :)
your breakfast spread looks so gorgeous!! i love the idea of mini fritatas! yum yum

Barbara said...

The mini frittatas look yummy, the bacon even better (I love bacon!), the champagne and Pom -definitely after my own heart, and the chocolate fondue the perfect ending! Altogether a great brunch. (I'll pass on the waffles because I would fill up on all the other things....)

Erica said...

What a great brunch! Love the idea of a chocolate fondue dessert. I bet your friends were very impressed with the spread

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful brunch! Nice looking food!



MJC said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your food looks delicious (minus the bacon for me, lol)! But those waffles and fritattas are making me drool... not to mention the chocolate fondue! :P

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

hahah best part about this post was the last two lines

Sana said...

Is it sad that I had no idea Canada has a different thanksgiving? Anyways everything looked SUPER yum!

Mari said...

That is an amazing brunch! Wow I wish I could have been there wearing a pair of sweats so I could eat everything =)

Fabulous mouth is watering

Neela Marijana said...

thank you for stopping by my blog. gosh if i had know what an amazing bruch you made at your house i would have just come over straight away. everything looks great. any what better way to end than with choclate fondue! very classic
have a great start to the week

Amber said...

Hmmmm, those waffles look AMAZING!

Nancy Wyatt said...

What an awesome brunch! This is definately something I need to do for my girlfriends. Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Yelena said...

You put on a wonderful spread- your friends are some lucky people! I feel the same way as you do about homework and I'm right in the middle of Sunday night with no attempt at homework yet- oh well!

Thanks for coming over to my blog and saying hello.

Jocelyn said...

mmmmmmmmmm what a yummy looking brunch! chocolate fondu and mimosas! I am SOLD!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am sooo impressed with your spread.../ now I want bacon!
I love the idea of mixing POM with champagne- brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gorgeous table set! The food looks awesome too. Droool, I want some of those waffles, frittata, and chocolate :D

Mmm, I love Bee Bim Bop as well!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! The food looks great!