Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posting last night. Yesterday was a VERY busy day, and I forgot my camera at home :-( so it was also a pictureless day (besides dinner).

Yesterday's Eats:

Morning Snack - Homemade chocolate chip cookie that someone at work made

Lunch - A small lasagna from Western Pizza (went with work friends)

Dinner - Leftovers from Korea House (when I went the other night, I only ate half my meal - sorry I forgot to mention that). This dinner might even be better the next day - Yumm!

Last Night - 4 drinks (beer) over the course of 5 hours, 1 mini choc. bar, about 5 chips with artichoke dip, 2 bite size bits of bread dipped in spinach dip, 1 small piece of sausage, and 2 little squares of cheese.

Last night I went to a work party. It was SO much fun! We did an amazing race like scavenger hunt thing. There is a company that puts these on, and they stage people around the city. These are some of the things we had to do:

1) Go through Wal-mart singing "Green is the Colour" (our provinces football team's theme song) as loud as we could until someone came up to us and asked us our team number.
2) Go to the Tim Horton's Drive Thru and ask someone to get out of their car and slow dance with one of our team members while we took a picture
3) Go into Home Depot and ask some man in a hat for a kiss - we asked the first guy we saw in a hat, and he gave us a Hershey's kiss!! - Score!
4) Get .32 cents worth of gas, and get a reciept
5) Get a stranger in front of Walmart to take off their shoe and sock and take a picture of 2 of our teammates giving the person a foot massage!

There were many other tasks too, and let me tell you - it was a BLAST! Even better, MY TEAM WON!!! We were very proud :-)

Now on to today's eats:

Breakfast was 4 mini frittatas (made with 2 eggs, chopped green pepper and tomato, a sprinkle of cheese, hot sauce, and 1/4 cup milk)

For some carbs, I also had this:

And of course, a cup of black coffee:

This is my to-do list for today:
  • Go to work for 4-5 hours and plan for a sub for Monday/ Tuesday (I have a workshop), and do some marking, and get organized.
  • Write some more of my thesis (about 8 more pages probably). I met with my supervisor yesterday after work, and it looks like I will be running my experiment starting this week.
  • Buy a new shower curtain
  • Clean the house
  • Run errands (bank, University etc)
  • Do the 3 practice quizzes and then an online quiz for one of my classes (2 hours)
I hope to plow through most of this today, so that tomorrow I can spend sometime with my little nephew :-)


Anonymous said...

those mini frittatas look so good!
are you doing a masters in teaching?

Simply Life said...

Oh I love those mini frittatas - what a great (and cute) idea!

Joy of food said...

What a great game, I'm glad your team won :)
Those mini frittatas look wonderful, I'm going to attempt a larger one for my family one day next week.


Jocelyn said...

whoa girl you have a lot to do!!!!!
But that team thing uou mentioned sounds hularious and fun lol

p.s mmm globarssss

Anonymous said...

That event looks like so much fun! We made frittatas like that for Easter, so great!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds super-duper busy! Hope it goes well!
Thanks for your kind and supportive comments today... you are the best!

Anonymous said...

Mhmmm black coffee - I am addicted - so bad but so good! Actually I have a cup right next to my laptop as I am typing this (*blushes*)

Your breakie mini frittats look awesome too and your work competition sounds awesome! ;)