Monday, October 19, 2009

One Foggy Monday

Good morning darlings! I looked out my window this morning, and instead of snow I saw FOG!

I woke up really hungry today - which is strange because for the last few days I have not been hungry at all in the morning.

I made a GREEN Monster (3 large handfuls spinach, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, really ripe banana):

I also had a slice of whole wheat toast with some margarine:

And a cup of black coffee of course:

Can you believe it is October 19th already!!?? I feel like this month just started!
I am really excited for Halloween to come and go - because then the Christmas stuff will come out! I absolutely LOVE Christmas shopping, and I start the second Halloween is over :-)

Do you like Christmas shopping? When do you start?


Anais said...

I love Christmas and Christmas shopping!! To be honest, I start whenever I Find things... I like to find the perfect gift for ppl so as soon as I think of it I get it :) This year because i'm not working I'm actually just going to make something yummy for everyone :)

Devan said...

i turn on the christmas tunes NOV 1st.
always have
always will.

Anonymous said...

I have the first week in December booked off work to do all my Christmas shopping. My bestie mate and I go shopping together. I love it.


Yelena said...

I am a procrastinator so I don't start until I absolutely have to! I do love all the lights and smells though!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I work in a book/stationary/DVD shop and we have already set out all the Christmas wrapping paper and cards! It seems crazy! I do like Christmas shopping but I'm always so busy around then and end up doing it right at the last minute! Actually one of my fav parts is wrapping - Love wrapping presents!


Anonymous said...

Christmas shopping tends to be stressful for me. I don't start until the beginning of December.

Simply Life said...

We usually do Christmas shopping whenever we think of it throughout the year - of course, most of it happens the month or so before the holiday but we're always keeping our eyes out to relieve any last-minute stress.

NiamhNIMROD said...

I adore Christmas shopping. I love Halloween too though.
Thanks for the lovely comment x