Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey peeps! It is almost Friday!!!!!!!!!! Today stared out great because the hubby woke me up and told me he had made waffles :-0

I had 1/2 a whole wheat waffle with almond butter spread on it, a sliced banana, and a teensy tiny drizzle of syrup:

Lunch was left over tofu and bean chili from the other day (I will spare you the picture, because it looks down-right-disgusting in the pic. It tasted good though). I also had these guys:

I know I have been having this combo a lot lately - but you should see the enormous bag of pears that we bought. And the giant bag of babybel cheese. Delish.

After a busy day at work, I coached a v-ball game, and then went to the lab for a couple hours. I was starving by the time I got home, so supper had to be something quick and easy. I had a grilled cheese sandwich:

That I dipped in ketchup of course. Do you dip your grilled cheese in ketchup? If not, you must try it ... it is the only way my dears ... the only way.

I also had a small bowl of tomato soup, because duh ... they go together:

I sprinkle a couple little pieces of cheese into my soup - it makes it better.

This dinner just didn't cut it for me today. I was still hungry after eating it, and needed something else. I whipped up a quick smoothie containing:

- 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
- some blueberries
- 1 scoop chia seeds
- 1 berry apple sauce cup
- 1 pack of amazing grass (berry flavoured) powder

After dinner I made Halloween treat bags for the kids in my class, and now I have to figure out how I am going to dress up for work tomorrow ...

What are your Halloween plans? Do you dress up at work? What are you giving the trick or treaters?


Anonymous said...

aww i am so jealous of all those dress up parties you guys are having. as a german i dont celebrate halloween but i kanda would really love to try it.
i am loving your smoothie! i would kill to try some amazing grass! sounds so good
have a great friday

Simply Life said...

Oh so cute- what are you going to dress up as? I won't be dressing up at work but am hoping to get lots of trick-or-treaters to hand candy out to! :)

Devan said...

YAY! someone else who dips their grilled cheese in ketchup!!! I used to do that ALL the time, and everyone thought I was crazy.
its tatsey!

Yelena said...

I most definitely will not dress up for work. I take my jean Fridays very seriously! We are going out to party in the ciy and we have our customary matching costumes! So excited!

Bri said...

My grilled cheese is always accompanied by a nice puddle of ketchup! Its the only way to eat a g.cheese. Loving the homemade waffles!

Anonymous said...

The waffles look yummy! I'm in a wedding on Halloween :)

Diana said...

Can't say I ever dipped grilled cheese in ketchup, but in tomato soup? Totally. I mean, that's just natural.

Joelle (The Pancake Girl) said...

Those waffles look delish! Reminds of when I was growing up, I used to have frozen waffles before school each day... Homemade waffles are definitely superior though!

Anonymous said...

The smoothie sounds great! Going to make one for myself now!

Anonymous said...

i told josh that for halloween we're going to be homeowners. It might not be a costume, but moving is making me to tierrrrd to do anything. I'm hoping we get trick or treaters!

Jocelyn said...

I use a dumpload of kethchup with my grilled cheeses ;)

I'm not doing much for halloween .. just handin out to the youngins :) Hope you have a good weekend!

Low said...

I'm going out in my old college town for Halloween. Should be pretty fun, I hope!

All that matters is that food tastes good, I bet your tofu chili was great :)

Anonymous said...

Lovin the grilled cheese n waffles.
My work is boring we don't dress up, but I'll make up for it this weekend.


Sophia said...

Gosh! I've just about tried every kind of grilled sandwich ever, but never dipped in ketchup! Haha, I used to dip chocolate chip cookies in ketchup because I hated the sweetness of it!

Unknown said...

When I eat grilled cheese at home, it always gets soaked in tomato soup. When I order it at work, I dip it in ketchup then I get crazy looks from everyone that sees me doing it. lol. Those waffles are making me hungry! must make some this week :)