Thursday, October 1, 2009

It is a Rice Kind of Day ...

Neither the hubby nor I felt like cooking dinner today, so we hit up our favorite ethnic restaurant, Korea House:

I had my usual - Bee Bim Bop (rice topped with veggies, a little beef, and a sunny side up egg):

After I stirred it all up, it looked like this:

I poured hot sauce all over it, and it was perfection.

Lunch today was leftover risotto:

And an orange:

I am still tired for some reason - even after going to bed early last night. Tonight my goals is to be in bed by 9! Ridiculous I know - but I need it. I might have a Green Monster before bed.

Good night lovelies. See you in the A.M.


Jocelyn said...

bee bim bop sounds so fun ;) Looks delish too! Love the egg on there! No shame in goin to bed early. I need to start doin that too!

Simply Life said...

Oh that looks delicious! I love having favorite places to pick up something quick to eat!