Friday, October 23, 2009

Whew - long day! I am SO glad it is the weekend!

Here are my eats from the day:

Breakfast was a GM and a slice of rye toast with margarine:

Lunch was my favourite frozen entree, Thai Chicken:

It is really healthy too :-)

I also had an orange, pear, and piece of cheese:

And throughout the day I had 2 cups of coffee, and a bunch of H2O:

I can't live without my to-go mug, and my water bottle. I need them, and they need me.

After work I came home and worked on organizing/ purging the boxes of stuff that used to be in our basement, and have been in our garage for months while our basement was being finished.

We finally got around to eating by about 8 pm. We went to a local pasta restaurant and I had the meatball Florentine (spinach meatballs, with a tomato basil sauce on noodles):

I only ate one slice of the garlic toast (without the crust, because I think crusts are yuck).

Now I am going to watch last nights Grey's and Survivor!

Happy Friday!


Amber said...

Omg, that sphagetti and meatballs looks absolutely mouth watering!!

Sophia said...

Meatball florentine sounds awesome! And love your water bottle! I agree, I can't live without my coffee!

Devan said...

I love your water bottle :) so cute!

Simply Life said...

Looks like a delicious pasta restaurant!

Barbara said...

I have to admit I like Lean Cuisines once in a while too.

Yelena said...

Sounds like a good meal day to me! However, I am a freak and like the crusts of bread!

Anonymous said...

I adore meatballs, espesh homemade ones. If I didn't get coffee at work, I'd defo take some.


Alanna said...

mmmmm! That spaghetti looks AMAZING! I guess it doesn't help that I am a carb junkie :)

Jocelyn said...

mmm meatballllllllllls :)

Anonymous said...

Those meatballs look divine!