Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh no - I feel a cold coming on. I have had a sore throat all day, so I have been trying to nurse myself back to health. For lunch today I had this:

And a pear:

And some cheese:

After work I went straight to the university to run some more participants.
I just found out this weekend that with only 8 participants ran, I already have results that are statistically significant, and in-fact - highly significant!

(In non-statistical speak, this means that I found "something" of value ... my study has yielded important information that will further the research in the cognitive psychology area).

It is quite uncommon for honours students to find significance in their studies, so I am pretty pumped about it!

With the 4 more people I ran today, the significance should only get stronger :-)

I was at the university from 4:00 - 6:30, so I had a small bowl of mushroom soup to hold me over until dinner:

I also had a cup of "Calm" tea (Chamomile and other herbs) to try and calm my sore throat:

I finally got home around quarter to 7 this evening, and the hubby had made supper!
He made tofu penne (I don't usually eat pasta twice in 1 day - but ahh well).
It was a pesto-like pasta dish, with almonds, herbs, tofu, garlic, and olive oil.

After dinner, in an attempt to load up on vitamins, I made some "ice-cream." I just took some of this frozen fruit:

And added a few tablespoons of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze ... and blended with my Bamix. Voila:

This sore throat is driving me bonkers! What do you do to calm a sore throat?
I have already drunk tea, gargled salt water, taken vitamin C ... now what?


Amber said...

I HATE having a sore throat, too. I usually drink tea or gargle with salt water!

Very cool about your research!!

Maggie said...

I make what my dad calls a "hot toddie" = hot water, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon sticks (or cinnamon), and cloves. I think that's it. It works really well and I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

stay healthy! the zinc lozenges are great for that... the fiance thinks he's getting sick right now too :-(

Anonymous said...

The BEST remedy for sore throat is warm water, lemon juice, and honey. It really works wonders. But stay away from citrus foods, and heat-inducing fruits like mangoes. hope you feel better!

And that pesto pasta dish looks wonderful!!

Barbara said...

Take lots of Vitamin D. I take 5000 units. Gargle with warm salt water. (Sore throat usually only lasts a day anyway- just before the cold hits)
When I feel even one cold symptom, I take Airborne and use Zicam. If you're going to get the cold, those two things lessen the intensity and shorten the cold. It works for me.
Hope you don't get it!

Jocelyn said...

hey girl..

here is what you have to do morning and night..STAT (it took away my sore throat and inflamattion) GARBLE WITH SALT far back as you can for a good 5 minutes each time. I promise your throat will feel better the day after.

The dinner your hubby made looks fantastic! I'm jeals :P:P

And congratz about the research and finding something...that is impressive!

Simply Life said...

Oh I hope you're feeling better soon! I try and get lots of rest, lots of fluids and cough drops!

Anais said...

Oh no I hope you don't get sick! What I did this week-end when I felt my cold coming on is that I drank a LOT of water, and got some sleep. Somehow the cold disappeared so who knows... maybe it works lol!

Anais said...

What are you doing your masters in btw? Sounds interesting :D

Oh, and Brothers and Sisters is a great show! Except season 3 - it was weird. But apart from that it's just so touching and funny and overall great :D

Neela Marijana said...

hey love!
aww i love your pasta dish, would you mind sharing the recipe here? it looks really delish!
call me crazy but i haven't had a sore throat in years. i think its due to the fact that i eat alot of fruits and veggies, but when i do have one i try to drink a lot and take herbal lozenges.
feel better

Anonymous said...

Yay - just found your blog - another Canadian! You have a pic of a 'Blue Menu' product haha! I actually love Loblaws' natural almond butter, it's addicting. Love Almond Breeze too. Tried the Unsweetened Chocolate and was not impressed. Yuck - I'll stick to the regular chocolate :). Take care of your cold. I just started my own blog and any comments/advice are appreciated :) Add me to your roll if you wish.